Money-Saving Hacks For Your Europe Travels


When it comes to Europe there is so much to see and explore. From the beautiful beaches of Greece to amazing city of Paris, stunning architecture of London to smoky cafeterias of Amsterdam your trip will be thrilling and enthralling. But one hard fact of a European trip is that you end up spending a huge amount during your trip. This can break your bank or lead you to debt. So you need to have some better plans to make sure that you come back from your European trip happy and satisfied.

Book two one way tickets

Europe travel means you are definitely going to travel to more than a country. This means you will be hopping from place to place. Since most of you will be going from east to west or vice-versa there is no meaning in completing the loop and returning back from the starting point. So book your first one-way ticket to your starting point and second one back from your ending destination.

Travel off season

It won’t be a surprise to your eyes if you find people all over the Europe during the summers. It is the time of the year when people swarm to the continent from every part of the world. For the same reason, the price of flights and hotels are hiked and most of the attractions are crowded with people. The worst part is that you cannot spot any locals during this season as they go on holidays to escape from summer. So simply plan your trip any other time of the year and you will be able to enjoy your trip.

Go for family run hotels

One of the best ways to get better accommodation in the European nations is to go for a family run businesses. The hotels will be comfortable and you will get what you pay for. The discount codes can be made use while making a booking to enjoy added discounts. Again, they can be very much better than spending the nights in dorms.

Stay focused

You can feel to roam around and explore everything at a go. Europe is huge and it is advisable to make multiple visits throughout your life to explore the continent. You can either choose the hot-spots or nearby destinations when you plan a trip. Make sure you stick to it to avoid confusion and problems.

Don’t pay for the museums

Check out the attractions and see where all you can have a free entry. Most of the museums offer a free entry on some particular days. Look for such days and plan out your trip accordingly for a free entry. For example, some of the museums are open for free on the first Sunday of every month.

Plan your money accordingly

Beware of withdrawing money frequently from the ATMs to avoid fees. Again, you must have a clear idea about currency exchanges to avoid confusions and overspending. Make the best use of credit cards you have and avoid unnecessary spending.

Eat the season’s food

It is better to grab some of the fresh items from the market and take them with you. You can easily have them as snacks wherever you go and make every place a picnic spot while you relish on the season’s best.

Compare the prices

You can easily save a good amount of money if you compare the prices of different airlines. There are a number of sites that help you spot the cheapest flight. So make sure you go through them before you book your flight.

Get free Wi-Fi

Most of the hotels, restaurants, cafes and public places provide a free Wi-Fi connection. When you book a hotel make sure it gets you a free Wi-Fi connection in your room. Again, it helps you to keep yourself updated as well as connect with others even when you are travelling.

Stay in the city

We have many a time heard that staying on the outskirts of the city helps you save more. It is true that you may find a cheap accommodation there, but the transportation costs and time add up. So why not stay in the central? This way you have to travel less and you will have more time to visit places. Again, walking to almost all the nearby places will reduce your transportation charge hugely.


Why not make use of the carpool facility in this modern era of technology? You can easily find people who are travelling to your destination and save some bucks easily.

Visit less known places

There are a number of places in Europe that are not well-known like Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The places are amazingly beautiful and you will enjoy them for sure. They are off the list for most of the tourists. For being underrated countries they are quite cheap to stay and travel. So in case you are tight on the budget why not go for such places and enjoy the beauty of nature for less?

So for all those travel lovers who are planning to make a trip to Europe just go through these money-saving hacks and make the holiday a memorable one.

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