Monsoon at Marine Drive



Photo of Monsoon at Marine Drive by Gary sequeira

19th July 2017 ,

As for mumbaikars , everybody knows marine drive pretty much and the amazing views of it, it has become a romantic place for couples. Many people workout along it's trench In the early mornings while others come for a pleasant evenings.

Whereas for me , I always wanted to go to marine drive in the monsoons ; To be showered by the rain and to enjoy the climate.

Photo of Marine Drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Gary sequeira

Sadly for me this never happened, I was born in Mumbai but for many years I couldn't go , mainly due to family restrictions and secondly no one to go with ,

Until This year where monsoons are going well for me.... With lots of travelling going on. I found time to visit marines while it was pouring rain heavily.

Started our journey to mahim church, as it was Wednesday and recently have be visiting novena every Wednesday, From there planned to go marines .When I reached , I was already soaked in the rain but that feeling of accomplishment ?


Photo of Monsoon at Marine Drive by Gary sequeira

Some friends to thank here, thanks for giving me company ..... Had a wonderful time out that day . All the moments will Always be cherished .

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Peace out ✌