Silence, raindrops, beaches – Goa

14th Aug 2015

Sunset time at North Goa

Photo of Silence, raindrops, beaches – Goa by Adarsh Kothia

Basilica of bom jesus

Photo of Silence, raindrops, beaches – Goa by Adarsh Kothia

Mermaid at the beach made by my friend

Photo of Silence, raindrops, beaches – Goa by Adarsh Kothia

Sunset at miramar

Photo of Silence, raindrops, beaches – Goa by Adarsh Kothia

When you share your plans about a trip to Goa during the monsoon, probably each and every person will ask you to postpone your trip, but believe me, if you are a true traveler, I can assure you, that these people are among the one who hadn't visited Goa in monsoon, or probably they are among those idiots who roam around a tourist place with their cameras to take a selfie with any shit they come across.  

Monsoon is the time when you discover the true beauty of any place in India. Before planning this trip I was reading a book written by Alexander Frater, with the title 'Chasing the Monsoon'. The writer narrates his journey starting from Kerala to Cherrapunji, aligning his dates with those of monsoon, and describes the lively and lovely atmosphere in these places with the onset of monsoon. 
I was really inspired with the whole new description about the rains and though with a short mention of his time in Goa during the monsoon he encouraged me to plan this trip. 
So, Goa owns some really beautiful beaches,  some amazing forests, scenic waterfalls, awesome people, and of course the booze. 
And this is my weekend trip so I have to utilise the maximum time I can get to enjoy and live Goa, To reach Goa from Mumbai I would recommend a late night bus, Enjoy dinner with fresh air of Lonavala,  and take a good sleep while your bus will cross the great city of Pune.  The best part of this whole journey is when you get up in the morning and find your bus moving through some beautiful roads running in between the hilly terrain of this nature's paradise. You will feel like your bus is flying in the air.

I started my journey with the north Goa. I stayed near Baga beach,  from where I travelled whole day exploring the hidden beauty of this lovely place and ended my day with some amazing parties at Baga and its neighborhood Calangute Beach. 

First day we devoted to North Goa, and the whole region between Aguada and Chapora Fort, enjoy the sunset at one of these points,  wherein you can see all the wonders, sun in between that mysterious sky filled with orange background and rain clouds. And that fresh breeze adding to the whole experience. 
Second day we started our journey with old Goa, or first destination was basilica of bom Jesus,  from there we went on to explore that Portuguese traces of history involved with the goan tradition. Later on the day we went to Cabo de Rama fort and that hidden beach.  What else you need while sitting at a small beach surrounded by the trees with very little existence of human structures. We scheduled our evening at palolem,  the best beach of Goa,  enjoy the sea at its best exhibition.
Third day we went to central Goa, roaming around in the capital city, dona Paula , Miramar among the main places to visit. 
The best part of these three days were unexpected showers, and watching the sea sparkling in between the filtered rays of sunlight through the monsoon clouds. 
And yes the deserted south Goa in this off season is the best place to relax if you are escaping through that buzz of the city. 
The reason why we chose Panjim for day three is because its near to the Vasco airport from where you can board your midnight return flight.