Most happening and famous Beaches of Goa.

17th Jun 2018
Day 1

The surreal evenings, exotic nightlife, inspiring mornings and charming beaches, the place that hypnotizes every soul and makes people fall for it. Any guesses which place it is.

Yes , the place is Party state of India : Goa.

Someone has rightly said that:
" Goa is just like that fever , which gets within you atleast for a year and you are left with an indefinable emotion . Everytime you visit this place , it will fill you with new energy and zest."

As a kid , I've always dreamt of making Disney sand castles at the beach. And at that point of life , the synonym of beach was only Goa.

As a teenager , though we've known other places where beaches can be find . But for that 14 year teenager girl , she will always dreamt of enjoying the archaeological sculptures and history behind that place.

But as a 19 year old girl , the most simplest things I always wanted to do whenever I'll be  visiting Goa is to sat down on the clumsy sand by the busy beach yet with those cool breezes which will pacify us to let's just enjoy this moment at a time.

So you know the behind story of me visiting Goa. So let's just start with the journey.

I along with my siblings decided to end our June month by spending it on exploring the beaches of Goa.

So without wasting any minute, after researching all about the exotic beaches of Goa , we started our journey. Since it's our first time , so we decided to travel by bus.
Goa is approximately a journey of about 588 kms from Mumbai. We took a bus at night around 11pm , but due some technicalities , re reached Goa at 2pm ( yes , very exausted).

We actually didn't book any hotel rooms , this time due to availability of good , hygienic and affordable homestays , we choose that.
Since , we've plan to visit both north and south Goa , we decided to book our homestay in somewhere middle , so , we booked our homestay at Panjim area.

Then we checked in in our homestay. The host was very warmth and very helpful.
Then , we freshen up and decided to grab some lunch. Also plus point about that homestay was , there was many restaurants , hotels that are in association with them. So , we all have all the best restaurants nearby , and we just have to order it.

1. Cavelossim Beach:

Then at around 4 pm , we decided to head out to explore the city. The first beach we explored was of cavelossim beach . It was a ride of around 1 hr. from our place.

Special tip : It is advisable to hire a autorickshaw for a whole day and pay accordingly. Because of the monopoly of the rickshaw drivers in the state , it will be very expensive to hire autorickshaws again and again.
Luckily , the rickshaw driver we got was very good , warmth and very directional in nature.

Then , after enjoying the soothing drive of 1 hour , we are at the magnificent and beautiful cavelossim beach.

Cavelossim beach is known for its contrasting black rocks and white sand. It is ranked 19th in Asia and 5th in India .

Cavelossim Beach is a beach with white sand and black lava rocks. The beach lies in between the river Sal along the east and the Arabian sea to its west.
Being a peaceful beach, Cavelossim attracts a lot of tourists. Relaxing or swimming on the beach is one of the most enjoyable thing to do at cavelossim beach.

2. Miramar Beach:

After spending sometime there , we proceeded from there and decided to enjoy the beautiful evening at the Miramar beach , which is located in Panjim.
We also experience the delicious food at the chowpatty nearby.
Also , along on our way from Panjim to cavelossim beach , we buy ourselves the tickets of night cruise in Panjim. Approximately , it is a 30-40 minutes ride , and boy it was so worth it.
The view from the cruise was magical and so soothing and also enjoyed the inside dance performances by the locals.

Day 2

3. Baga Beach :

Next day , we started early morning , and decided to explore the most talked and famous beach of Goa , i.e , Baga Beach . This is also known as the party beach of Goa.
The drive between panjim and Baga Beach is around of 18 kms , which took us around 1 hour to reach there.

Baga Beach is a popular beach and tourist destination in North Goa. Baga is located at the north end of the contiguous beach stretch that starts from Sinquerim, Candolim, leads to Calangute  and then to Baga.

The beach contains rows of shacks and fishing boats, and at high tide the beach is narrow.

Baga Beach is also famous for water sports such as parasailing and banana rides, and dolphin cruises. In Baga Beach, new parking has been constructed for around 800 cars or more , isn't it amazing for the tourists there to enjoy at their atmost.

Also , if you are at Baga , then it's a must for the people who love seafood to enjoy at the famous Sea facing restaurants and bars.
And also , the garam bhutta by the beach and shopping at the beach is definitely a heart of Baga Beach.

4. Butterfly Beach :

To end our beautiful day more gracefully , we decided to visit the most unexplored beach yet so gorgeous Beach of Goa , which is Butterfly Beach.
To reach Butterfly Beach from Baga Beach , it took us around 2.5 hours ( approximately 83 kms). The journey was so magnificent and soothing . It was literally so great.

Butterfly Beach is a fairy place, the beach of butterflies, which occupies a tiny semicircular bay on the high northern end of Palolem beach  , one of the most photogenic places in whole Arabian Sea coastline and a real natural wonder.
This place is a heaven for the photograph lovers.

The warm blue water with clean and shallow sea bottom attracts with its beauty and gives a great pleasure. Palm trees are jiggling their delicate steams whispering the melody of comfort and cosiness.
When trees are in bloom, you can see lots of different beautiful butterflies flitting here and there. Basically , such a variety and a generous amount of butterflies gave a name to the Beach.

Overall , Butterfly Beach is my personal favorite and soothing beach.

So guys , these beaches are amongst the most talked , visited , famous and beautiful beaches of not only Goa , but in India.

If you are visiting Goa , then do visit these beaches and enjoy the heart out there , because it is rightly said that :

" There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses  to stop kissing the shoreline , no matter how many times  it's sent away."

With adventure ,

Photo of Most happening and famous Beaches of Goa. by shruti kabra
Photo of Most happening and famous Beaches of Goa. by shruti kabra
Photo of Most happening and famous Beaches of Goa. by shruti kabra
Photo of Most happening and famous Beaches of Goa. by shruti kabra
Photo of Most happening and famous Beaches of Goa. by shruti kabra
Photo of Most happening and famous Beaches of Goa. by shruti kabra
Photo of Most happening and famous Beaches of Goa. by shruti kabra
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