Mount Titlis - The Best Snow Park In Switzerland

Photo of Mount Titlis - The Best Snow Park In Switzerland by Neha Makdey

The journey to the top of Mount Titlis is visually stunning. You marvel not just at the beautiful scenery of Engelberg valley but also the engineering brains behind the cable car network that takes the tourist to the top of the mountain.

The base village of Mount Titlis- Engelberg is an alpine town located in a valley. It is well connected by Switzerland bus and train service. Beautiful resorts situated in Engelberg offers picturesque views of the Swiss Alps on all sides. Even though we didn't get a chance to stay in Engelberg, we would highly recommend you to stay here for at least 1 night, to experience the charm of a small Swiss town.

The journey from the base village Engelberg to the summit

Once you reach Engelberg, there is a parking space available for buses and cars near Mount Titlis ticket counter. Park your car and get out of the vehicle to feel the fresh cold breeze. Engelberg is a treat for the eyes - beautiful Swiss Chalets in a small town surrounded by Alps.

There are restaurants at the base as well as the top of Mount Titlis. If you are hungry, it is advisable to have food at the base of Mount Titlis. Restaurants on top might offer you a panoramic view but they are very expensive. Luckily, we found an Indian Restaurant near the Bus parking area. We had Samosa and Pav Bhaji. The food was absolutely delicious, but we paid at least 10 times the amount we pay in India for those dishes.

The journey from the base village Engelberg to the summit of Klein Titlis via Cable car and 360 degree rotair is fantastic. We bought the ticket from the counter and started towards the cable car. You can pre-book the tickets on Mount Titlis website.

On Mount Titlis

To reach the top of Mount Titlis, you need to take three cable cars. Six people can comfortably sit in the first and second cable car. The third one is a 360 degree rotair which can carry 40-50 people to Klein Titlis.

Titlis Building - Once you get out of the 360 degree rotair, you enter a three storied building full of shops, restaurants, and the Glacier Cave. You can start by exploring the Glacier Cave. It is 150 meters long blue cave. The light reflecting off the ice gives the cave blue color. Later, you can have lunch at the restaurants, click some amazing pictures in traditional Swiss attire or buy souvenirs. Indulge in things that you truly love doing, because everything you do here will be very expensive.

DDLJ Poster - Take the lift/ stairs to reach the third floor of the building. Once you get out of the building on the third floor, you are greeted by the cardboard cutout of Sharukh Khan and Kajol from the famous bollywood movie - Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge movie (DDLJ). The cutout made us feel that Switzerland is a home away from home.

Chain Suspension Bridge - Play in the snow, click some amazing pictures and walk on the Europe's highest chain suspension bridge. The bridge is 500 meters above the ground and 3,041 meters above sea level. Scary, isn't it? The fairly cold and strong wind makes the walk even scarier.

Snow Park - Take the Ice Flyer to the Snow Park. Ice flyer is a chairlift that can take 5-6 people to the Snow Park. Ride in the open air to enjoy the panoramic view. You can see the fascinating glacier and snow below. Once you reach the snow park, pick up a sled and go speeding down the hill. It is an ultimate experience. You can do it multiple times. It is free!

Travel Tips

Visit the Snow Park in the morning. It gets crowded after 10:30 am. Park entry and Snow tubing is free! You will get warm clothes on rent at Titlis but it is very expensive. Carry warm clothes! There are restaurants at the Valley Station as well as Titlis summit station. The restaurants at the top are comparatively expensive. Carry sandwiches or snacks to avoid spending exorbitantly on food. In the Rotair 360, the cabin rotates 360 degrees so choose a place near any window and you will get a great view.

For more information and for ticket booking, visit the Mount Titlis website-

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Photo of Mount Titlis - The Best Snow Park In Switzerland 1/1 by Neha Makdey
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