The Ultimate Indie Music Playlist That Takes You Back In The Mountains!


Hola mountain lovers! It is that time of the year again, when I'm craving to lay in the green meadows of Khajjiar and bask in the gentle sunshine shining through tall pine trees, as the sheep go baa. I wanna get a tan from being on the road too long, curl up in his arms and stargaze, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and drift away to sleep without a care in the world!

But I'm sitting in my office, sipping on black coffee and cursing the monsoons, as I recall how my last weekend in McLeod was spent – looking outside the window of an Italian cafe.

For all those who are restricted by work, money or weather like me, here's a quick, no-cost solution to temporarily quench your wanderlust soul – MUSIC! It has been proven to engender emotions and foster feelings of nostalgia, love and happiness. Music is a powerful tool for therapy, it is used for meditation, to improve concentration and calm one's mood. Chill and ambient music is one such genre that enraptures you with the calm mountain vibe and triggers homesickness to the hills.

So prepare to teleport to the mountains through this chill Indie playlist which will inspire you to hit the road.

1. Track: Bare – Artist: WILDES

2. Track: Where's My Love – Artist: SYML

3. Track: Mai Ni Meriye – Artist: Mohit Chauhan

4. Track: Intro – Artist: The XX (my personal favourite!)

5. Track: Let Go – Artist: Ennja

6. Track: Lost – Artist: Phelian

7. Track: Young – Artist: Vallis Alps

8. Track: All I Got – Artist: Said The Sky & Kwesi

9. Track: Ether – Artist: We Are All Astronauts

10. Track: Bayou – Artist: Mountains Of The Moon

So what are you waiting for? Update your Spotify playlist and get ready to get inspired to be in the mountains again!

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