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Photo of Mussoorie Diaries 1/1 by Divya Rana


A one and a half hour drive from Mussoorie , ‘ DHANAULTI’ is a scenic beauty in the lap of nature. The lush green path ; full of naked as well as hills draped in pine trees gives a feeling of entering HEAVEN.

The giant rocks, green bushes, colorful flowers, chirping birds, swollen clouds, foggy peaks , snow clad mountains and the natural waterfalls peeping out from the rocks all add up to the beauty of Dhanaulti.

Photo of Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand, India by Divya Rana

Dhanaulti Ecological Park:

Photo of Dhanaulti Eco Park, Kempty Range, Uttarakhand, India by Divya Rana

It was a chilly afternoon when I reached Dhanaulti. The sun was playing hide-n-seek with the clouds.

I got down the bus with a “Wow !” on my lips. The mesmerizing beauty of Dhanaulti was a real treat to the eyes. I headed towards the ‘Dhanaulti Eco Park’.

N number of Top Ramen stalls, Corn Vendors, Popcorn sellers were all lined up at the main entrance of the ecological park. Before proceeding further, I decided to do a little ‘PAET POOJA’… and enjoyed the Top Ramen noodles . A plate full of crispy PAKORAS added to the Yummyyy meal.

Photo of Mussoorie Diaries by Divya Rana

Next I moved into the ‘World Of Wonders: eco park’. The first footstep gave the feel of me being the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ hopping into the woods to my granny’s place. It was nothing less than a fairytale. The magical woods and the garden are indeed mystical.

It is a perfect place for Pre- Wedding shoots. After two three hours of strolling and exploring the park ,I headed back to Mussoorie.

I was back in Mussoorie by late evening and moved towards the main attraction- ‘The Mall Road’.

Photo of Mussoorie Diaries by Divya Rana


Photo of Mussoorie Diaries by Divya Rana

It was half past seven and I was at ‘The Mall ’.

It is such a beautiful place with so many shops, vendors all lined up providing the best of handicrafts and artifacts.

The steep roads, curvy paths, benches {to relax and enjoy the weather} ,historically carved barricades and poles and the dark and haunting corners and hilltops all describe The Mall Road.

An Aerial View Of the 'QUEEN OF HILLS'

Photo of The Mall Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by Divya Rana

I went on in different directions to find ‘the best of the best’ for my loved ones. After hours of shopping ,I went back to my Hotel.The road to the hotel was quite steep.It was indeed a very big task to go there; seemed as if I was scaling ‘The Great Mount Everest’ with loads of shopping bags in my hands.


Photo of Mussoorie Diaries by Divya Rana

The Christ Church is centrally located at The Mall. It is easily accessible and is in the heart of the market.


My next stop was Dehradun. It is a valley 30 kms from Mussoorie and is easily accessible within a duration of 45 minutes.


Photo of Robber's Cave Ghuchukpani, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India by Divya Rana

My heart was in my mouth, ever since I had witnessed the Robber’s cave. Such an enthralling beauty! It is a magnificent cave enclosed by giant rocks on both the sides and chilled water till knees.

These three days had made me so RICH- Not in MONEY, but in EXPERIENCE. I have so many stories to tell, so many experiences and memories to share.

I am very glad to tick off one more hill station from my wishlist and I am looking forward to explore the beauty of our Mother Nature even more in the coming months .

Stay tuned for more !

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