Must Do Winter Activities in Rovaniemi

10th Dec 2019
Day 1

When we decided to go to Santa's Village in Rovaniemi, we were excited about the winter activities the most.

After doing all the bookings, we were picked from our hotel and taken to the location which was in Santa's Village.

We started with wearing the winter suits and boots provided and then a briefing on the Do's and Don'ts of Snowmobiling.
We start the ride through the magical Arctic Forests and it is an understatement to say that it is the most thrilling and exciting ride..

We ride through the forests and reach the Reindeer farm, where you can meet the Reindeers and get a sleigh ride with the Reindeers. More than the ride I was excited about meeting the Reindeers. It can really get very cold and freezing hence ensure you have proper gloves to keep your hands warm. After the ride you can go to the shelter to have some warm drinks and cookies and use the washroom. When your leaving they also give you a Reindeer Driving License which is a very cool souvenirs to keep.

From the Reindeer farm we get on to the snowmobile and start our ride to the Husky Farm..The Husky Sleigh Ride was super Fun with 7-8 Huskies pulling your sleigh, it's a super fast and fun ride amidst the forests.. The best part is you get to cuddle each of these Huskies and click beautiful pictures with them.

After the husky ride we head back to Santa's Village for our lunch and our time out to visit Santa's Office and meet Santa himself.
Theres a Mrs Santa house to visit as well. Easily you could spend around 2 hours in the Santa's village walking around and visiting the post office and souvenirs shop.

The company that we used to do all these activities was Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park, I would definitely recommend this company to do all your activities in the Santa's Village. They are well organized and helpful, they arrange your pick and drop back to the hotel as well.

Ps - We picked the best warm winter gloves from the souvenir shop in the Santa's Village.

The Friendly Huskies

Photo of Rovaniemi, Finland by Jennifer Lobo

Meeting the Reindeers before the ride

Photo of Rovaniemi, Finland by Jennifer Lobo

Snowmobile Ride

Photo of Rovaniemi, Finland by Jennifer Lobo