My Backpacking Trip to Thailand


My backpacking trip to Thailand was very special to me as it was my first one. It is a widely known fact that Thailand is a backpacker’s paradise! Thailand tourism is celebrated for its rich cultural experiences, across the world. Which is why I chose Thailand for my first backpacking adventure. Thailand is a beautiful tropical paradise with pristine beaches, ancient temples, delectable cuisine and a hedonistic night life. My backpacking trip to Thailand was packed with smiles, laughter and most importantly, booze! Here’s how managed my first backpacking trip to Thailand.

Places I Visited


As soon as I landed in Thailand, I headed straight to Bangkok. The Khan Sao Road is the favorite hangout spot of every backpacker in Thailand. I walked through the busy market roads while sipping some local beer. I met several fellow backpackers like me and proceeded to towards Wat Pho’s giant gold reclining Buddha with them.


A trip to Thailand is incomplete without visiting the ancient Ayutthaya Temple. The sheer beauty of the ancient temple blew me away. I just couldn’t stop clicking pictures! The temple is truly a photographer’s dream.

Ko Pha Ngan

Attending the Full Moon Parties hosted at Ko Pha Ngan is among the most interesting things to do in Thailand. These amazing parties are held once every month and are a sight to behold. Luckily, I could attend the incredible Full Moon Party. The party begins at dusk and the entire area is lit with thousands of lamps. I partied through the night with great music, food, and booze!

Chiang Mai

After a lot of partying and dancing, I was craving some quiet and peace. That’s when I headed to Chian Mai which is renowned for its natural beauty. At Chiang Mai, I took serene walks through the countryside and interacted with the cheerful hill tribes. I also visited the Chiang Mai Zoo, Wiang Kum Kam the Underground Ancient City and Mae Sa Elephant Camp.

As I visited each of these places in Thailand, my love for the country grew deeper. The next time you choose a Thailand tour package, make sure these places are included!

Getting Around Thailand

The best part about backpacking in Thailand is that they have a great public transport system in place. I had several options such as buses, Tuk tuk, ferries, trains and private taxis. Hence getting around Thailand was pretty fairly easy and cheap.

Food Scene

Once I tasted the authentic Thai delicacies, Thai food officially became my all-time favorite. The Thai yellow curry, Tom Yum, and Pad Thai from KSR Street taste divine! Out of curiosity, I also tasted some fried cricket from a stall in Chaing Mai, which wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. I was blown away by the variety of street food. There’s surely something for everyone’s taste.

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