My day in my Mumbai

28th Nov 2014

Born and brought up in Mumbai and i feel so privileged to be a mumbaikar. In the concrete jungle one can find a lot of things which show the true spirit of mumbai. My perfect day in my city is one such day which makes me see this city in a whole new away. A city that is more that skyscrappers, flyovers and crowd. A city that has culture, history and a heart. 

1. Breakfast at Eat around the corner.

Eat around the corner is one of the many breakfast favourites of my list. But it is a part of my perfect day only because of the waffles they serve. Perfect waffles just the right amount of crunch, golden brown in colour that simply melts into your mouth served with maple syrup and honey is enough to make anyone happy. Accompanied by my favourite chocolate milkshake, you get the best chocolate milkshake here all chocolaty but not over poweringly sweet. what more can one ask for?

2. Leisure reading at Yoga house

located in the bylanes of Bandra not very easy to spot is my second favouite The Yoga house. this place has a warm homely feeling which makes you feel so comfortable. Having a book and the masala chai as company I can easily spend hours at the place.

3. Visit to the Afghan church

there are many churches in mumbai but this ones my favourite mainly because its not that popular. located in colaba ahead of navy nagar this church has an old worldly feel to it. rustic architecture and a few warm care takers who show you around each time you go there. a delight for photographers because its surrounded by greenary all around. I spend hours admiring the sheer masterpiece created by man. 

4. Para sailing at sunset.

i love birds and the fact that they can fly and see mumbai from where it looks most beautiful. the skyline. parasailing at girgaon chowpathy where one side you see the sun going down and the other side the majestic queens necklace. thats what I call magic in Mumbai. 

5. Victoria ride around asiatic library

victoria ride is basically a ride in a horse carriage but the feeling of being in a horse carriage and taking a round of the Horniman circle and Asiatic library is the cherry on the cake. Deserted at night this ride makes me marvel at the old architeture of this city. The cool night air adding comfort to my thoughts. The perfect end to a Perfect day.