My Dudhsagar Waterfalls Visit

25th Apr 2017

Dudhsagar waterfall: A world away from the world

Placed in the tiny emerald state of Goa, Dudhsagar waterfalls is considered as one of the most amazing falls of India and the name meaning Sea of Milk derives from the way it looks. The stunning view of the fall which falls from a height of 1020ft with such a speed makes the color of the water white making it appear as milk. Going through the Mollem national park and reaching the waterfall is an adventurous expedition. The hypnotic beauty of the green jungle is simply extraordinary. Apart from the exotic beaches of Goa, Dudhsagar is another reason for making Goa one of the popular tourist destinations.

A bathing experience like never before

Amidst the green luscious forest, a waterfall forming a pristine lake, taking a dip in it is simply magical. It is a family, couple and children friendly spot so make Dudhsagar falls a must see place in your to-do list.

How to reach Dudh Sagar falls

Day 1

There is no direct way to reach the waterfalls, it falls on the Goa Karnataka border. A perfect glimpse of the falls can be experienced by a train journey through Mollem. An off road journey can also be made in a jeep through the deep green jungles. It’s just like a hidden treasure hidden in the clouds.

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