My Halal Journey to Turkey

12th Feb 2018
Photo of My Halal Journey to Turkey by Aafia Khalid

People say that the most important task is to get close to Allah after you know that you have achieved in your life so far you need to pay tribute to the glorious blessings which Allah have showered upon you and your family. This is the epic adventure which I am going to share with you. First of all, this was my first-time back to back, travelling experience into two destinations. As on the 23rd anniversary of my parents, my dad decided to surprise us all by arranging the Turkey tour with Umrah journey for the family. So one day my dad told me that after two days we have a flight to Saudi Arabia as we are going for performing Umrah there. I was really happy, and asked him about the trip, told me that I need to carry some extra luggage as we are also going to Turkey afterward for spending holidays. Now this news was really surprising and eventually, this tour became adventurous for me. So this blog is dedicated to all those Muslim who have to travel to Umrah and then from there to spend Muslim Friendly Holidays in Turkey!

You guys will love to visit the places I am going to mention for the Turkey trip, to make the Muslim-Friendly journey more memorable.

Umrah Is the Journey of Enlightenment

For all those who have performed Umrah know that this experience is heart opening and it enlightens your heart. Not only this but it also brings you closer to your Allah and this is very amazing. When you perform Umrah, you are not only getting close to the blessings of Allah but also makes the way having the enlightenment regarding the actual life. This is the most important thing in the life of any Muslim to find the right path and dedication, trust me performing Umrah gives you enough enlightenment and you learn the actual importance of right path which is the path of Allah. So as we performed Umrah for 15 days our hearts and minds were so calmed and refresh by the ambiance of holy places we visited and the Ziarat we performed made us more close to Allah.

Islamic Landmarks in Turkey

After we completed the Umrah journey and collected the extraordinary blessings from the holy region of Saudi Arabia we went off to Jeddah airport for starting the new chapter of our tour which was the halal traveling to Turkey for our holidays in Turkey, as Turkey is the place where rich Islamic history has been written and this country has been the place under which the Caliphate of Mecca and Medina was before the world war. So this is the reason my dad selected this country as our next destination as there are many mosques and other important places to visit while you are a Muslim and visiting Turkey. Here are some of the really important place which I am going to share with you, so that whenever you are going to plan your Muslim friendly tour you must visit them and you are going to know the history of Islam more closely.

1. The Site where Ebrahim (upon him be peace) was hurled into the Fire

Photo of Turkey by Aafia Khalid

Turkey is considered to be the place where most of the important religious incidents took place making this country the most significant part of our religious history. The site in Urfa is stored for the viewer as the site where Namrud (Nimrod) threw Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) in the fire after he not only refused to worship the false gods but also stopped him from worshipping idols as well! Edessa was the name of Urfa earlier and it was the site which contributed in many crusades as well.

2. Resting place of Nuh’s (upon him be peace) Ark

Photo of My Halal Journey to Turkey by Aafia Khalid

There are many verses in Bible and Quran which present the significance of Nuh or Noah’s Ark which was the ship and this ship only consisted those who remained safe from the flood which came in the era of Nuh. The place which is written in the genesis of the bible is Mountain of Ararat where the ark of Noah rests but in Quran, this place was named as “Mount Judi”. There are still remains out there you can plan this site as a part of your Halal holidays and get to know this place by yourself.

3. Hagia Sophia

Photo of My Halal Journey to Turkey by Aafia Khalid

You must have come across this fact that Turkey is the center of all the precious and beautiful mosques. This is a mosque which is named Hagia Sophia which means divine wisdom. This was basically an Eastern Orthodox cathedral which is there in Turkey from almost a thousand years and till now its architecture is not found in any other space. This church was converted into a mosque in 1453 CE by Sultan Mehmet II and then in 1931, this mosque was converted into a museum which is situated in the heart of Istanbul.

4. Sehzade (Prince’s) Mosque

This mosque was built by Sultan Sulaiman in the regard of his son Shehzada Mehmet who was the crown prince and the history says that Mustafa died in the age of 21 due to smallpox but others believe that he was murdered. This mosque is said to be the best work by its an architect during his whole career.

5. Topkapi Palace

No one in this world denies the significance of this palace and its contribution to the rich history of Islam. This palace is the place where the destiny of Turkey and the whole Islamic world was written! No doubt this palace contributes to the history of Islam and this palace is said to be one of the oldest places in the world. In 1924 this place was then converted into the museum but you can still can’t have enough!

6. The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque)

Sultan Ahmet Mosque was constructed when Turkey lost battles against the Persian and the Austrian forces. The construction of this mosque stated from1609 CE and finished in 1617 CE means that this mosque is the symbol of grief and that is the reason why this mosque was names blue mosque.

7. Tomb of Abu Ayyub Ansari (may Allah be pleased with him)

If you want to really view the scenario of peace then you should visit the tomb of Abu Ayub Ansari (may Allah be pleased with him) during your halal holiday situated in Eyüp district of Istanbul. Abu Ayyub Ansari was the companion of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and he accompanied the Prophet when he came to Medina after Migration. He persuades to serve in the military of Islam and died in the path of Allah during the battle of Constantinople (674-678 CE) at the age of 80.

Now, these were the places we visited on our visit to Turkey and these places not only gave us the harmony and peace but also we saw that how beautifully Turkey has preserved the Islamic landmarks in the region. So now if you plan your halal traveling, to turkey you should also visit all these places as they are highly recommended.

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