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My Incredible Parisian Honeymoon Story Where More Spending Led To More Saving!

Photo of My Incredible Parisian Honeymoon Story Where More Spending Led To More Saving! 1/5 by Prateek Dham
A honeymoon made in heaven. Credit: Juanedc

Yes, you read that right. For most people, a honeymoon in Paris is only a dream. And even if it becomes a reality, it turns out to be so expensive that couples may have to make a lot of compromises on their most special trip together. That’s why I am sharing my incredible story of how our French adventure was almost a cakewalk owing to my Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card, because no couple has to make any compromises anymore! Believe it or not, our honeymoon return flights tickets were taken care of, thanks to our pre-planning and pre-collecting of JPMiles using my co-brand credit card for everyday spends. Moreover, Europe did not pinch us at all because we used our credit card there as well to earn JPMiles on most of our purchases. Let me tell you more of how they made our special trip incredible.

How it began

Photo of My Incredible Parisian Honeymoon Story Where More Spending Led To More Saving! 2/5 by Prateek Dham
Online shopping pays dividends. Credit: RawPixel

I enjoyed a courtship of over four years with my wife before deciding to take our relationship to the next level. Ours was a college affair that lasted, and I think it is partially because of our mutual love for food. We enjoyed eating out and experimenting with a lot at all kinds of food and places. Delhi has some great restaurants, and by golly did we try them all! I used to make table reservations and payments through Dineout and EasyDiner mobile apps, where on quoting my JetPrivilege number not only I got offers, discounts and 1+1 deals but also earned JPMiles all the time. And we were such suckers for good meals that we travelled to different cities to explore their food – Mumbai and Lucknow are cases in point. Booking.com and Agoda.com are two of my favourite hotel providers, so I booked most of my stays through them. The secret was to book tables and hotel stays through JetPrivilege, because everytime I did that, I earned JPMiles each time.

Three and a half years went by and my mother expressed a desire to meet this girl I'd been "serious" about. Comedy of errors ensued, our parents met, and an engagement date was mutually agreed upon. We were jittery but this is what we had always wanted, so we went ahead with it.

If you've ever attended any Indian pre-wedding / wedding function, you will know that there is a sea of gifts from both the parties. And the responsibility of buying all these gifts was put on my shoulders. Now, pay attention. This is what I did. I went crazy on Amazon and Flipkart, because there were always discounted deals and I could shop while sitting pretty on my office desk. But that’s not the only reason. Amazon and Flipkart are JetPrivilege’s programme partners, so I shopped through the JetPrivilege portal, and earned JPMiles for all that wedding shopping!

The unique wedding gift

Photo of My Incredible Parisian Honeymoon Story Where More Spending Led To More Saving! 3/5 by Prateek Dham
I couldn't wait for my D-Day anymore! Representational image courtesy of Alvin Mahmudov

The day was getting closer, and I was more perturbed than ever. But I had one thing sorted in my life – my honeymoon. I had accumulated nearly 2 lakh JPMiles already, which I would redeem for our free flight tickets. How did I collect so many JPMiles? Well, over the last couple of years I had been using my co-brand credit card for making all my transactions, which included all the dinner dates, hotel bookings, table reservations, shopping and gift-buying online that I had mentioned earlier, and so much more!

I'd been planning our Paris honeymoon discreetly, and now thanks to my JPMiles, I didn't need to spend a hefty price for the flight tickets. I used my JPMiles to redeem Award Flight tickets to Paris and back. So, I was all set for the dream trip!

The carefree Parisian honeymoon

Photo of My Incredible Parisian Honeymoon Story Where More Spending Led To More Saving! 4/5 by Prateek Dham
I spent all my money goofing around with my new wife, because I didn't have to spend on anything else! Representational image courtesy of Jojonas

Two nights after our big fat Indian wedding, we flew down to the city of love. And the feeling finally sank in the moment our Paris-bound flight took off from the Delhi airport. Nine hours later, we were in the most romantic capital of the world. It felt so good to know that we'd be spending the following 10 days here together, finally!

Being extra-happy from my recent JPMiles redemption, I had continued to book our hotel room at hotels.jetprivilege.com, a tasteful property called Villa Glamour. It which was located at a stone's throw away from the universal symbol of love – the Eiffel Tower – because getting the customary picture clicked in front of it was obviously one of the most important tasks of the grand honeymoon! And of course, I paid for the rooms with my co-brand card. We both knew we'll be saving big for the future, and so we decided to concentrate only on the fun and the romance.

It was indeed a honeymoon of a lifetime – the perfect icing on the cake which was our marriage of course!

My "Jet privilege-d" life

Photo of My Incredible Parisian Honeymoon Story Where More Spending Led To More Saving! 5/5 by Prateek Dham
The magic of JPMiles. Credit: Andrew W. Seiber

I am a man who extends his gratitude whenever it's due. And this time it's JetPrivilege and its unique, curated platforms at the receiving end of my thank you! I had never thought that such a thing would be possible in real life, and I could actually make our honeymoon dream come true. But this really happened to us, and I want all of you to make your dream come true as well!

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