My Journey to the East – EP-I

28th Dec 2016
Day 1

I was on Delhi airport, waiting for my flight to Bagdogra. Although waiting is not my forte, but sometimes you cant do anything about somethings. You can imagine the condition of Delhi during winters, i think everyone does. Fog fog everywhere its on the tv and its in the city. Luckily the flight didn't betray me, much. Once i was inside,
i tried navigating through the crowd, who appeared to be as impatient as me. I soon realized my incapacity to do so. After the crowd settled, only then i was able to reach my seat. It took around two hours to reach, from Delhi to Bagdogra. For companionship i had two other flyers and a quarter. A mother with a child and a girl aged 25, my guess. Both appread to me lost in their own space within, one in slumber and the other in music. Only the child took notice of me and tried small talk, but sadly his ways of communication was alien to me.  I played with him for a while, making funny faces for him. He liked that, his smile and chuckles revealed that much. Then following the crowds norm inside, i decided to sleep. After the touch down, i reached for prepaid taxi booth nestled in the corner of the main gate. If you believe in spending your money mercifully then i would suggest you to step outside, and look for share taxis. Share taxis costs around Rs.600/- per person, on the other had the prepaid ones charge Rs.2000/- for whole. Traveling alone can leave your pocket weary, for sure.

I found myself a ride to Gangtok with a friendly price. The driver promised a six hour drive. But words must not be trusted. Not the drivers fault. We halted as soon as the journey began. A dutiful policeman gestured us to stop and asked for papers. After being duly harassing the driver we were allowed to go on our way.

This was not the end of experiences for today. A rail of cars spiralling from plain to  hill. Another four hours, wasted. Hunger and thirst, my plight was that of a man stranded in desert.  After much waiting and tireing, i reached my hotel at 11 p.m, which i was supposed to be at by 6 p.m. Completely exhausted by journey all i wanted was soft bed and a good night sleep. Food was sacrificed.  Sleep, above everything else.

Sikkim, Yumthang valley.

Photo of Sikkim, India by Yashaswi RKG
Photo of Sikkim, India by Yashaswi RKG
Photo of Sikkim, India by Yashaswi RKG
Photo of Sikkim, India by Yashaswi RKG
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