My memorable event at the luxury Bangalore Hotel


Sometimes even in a city like Bangalore, it becomes difficult to find a decent hotel with the facility of banquet hall. A few weeks ago, I experienced the same situation when I was planning an event for my family and friends. As it was in Bangalore, I thought finding a place to hold an event will not be difficult, so I started my preparations a little late. But as time of the event drew closer, it started becoming tougher in finding the perfect venue.

Soon, the search of banquet hall in Bangalore became a hectic task. But I had a sigh of relief when I came across Howard Johnson® Bangalore which belongs to Wyndham Hotel Group. I had heard of the hotel and some of my friends had stayed there before. I asked them about the hotel and was informed that it is one of the best Bangalore hotels to stay in and hold an event. 

But I wanted to ensure that everything about the hotel with the services of banquet hall in Bangalore was according to my need. For that, I went through the hotel’s website and found that Howard Johnson® Bangalore had special services to plan events. I had a list of around 300 guests and the hotel was the perfect place for my event. I immediately contacted the hotel and booked it for my event.

I must say that it was a fantastic experience with the hotel. Every guest of mine enjoyed the evening and praised the hotel’s services. I have pledged to use the services of Howard Johnson® Bangalore in the future too.

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