My Perfect Day in My City-Delhi

19th Nov 2014
Photo of My Perfect Day in My City-Delhi 1/6 by Neha Parti
Sarvana Bhavan, Janpath
Photo of My Perfect Day in My City-Delhi 2/6 by Neha Parti
Cha Bar-Oxford Bookstore
Photo of My Perfect Day in My City-Delhi 3/6 by Neha Parti
The All American Diner, IHC
Photo of My Perfect Day in My City-Delhi 4/6 by Neha Parti
Siri Fort Auditorium
Photo of My Perfect Day in My City-Delhi 5/6 by Neha Parti
INA-Dilli Haat
Photo of My Perfect Day in My City-Delhi 6/6 by Neha Parti
The Raahgiri Day

Raahgiri Day

An amazing start to a Sunday morning at Connaught Place. It's a day when you can enjoy yourself by performing activities which have been forgotten nowadays such as cycling, jogging, yoga, etc.

Breakfast at The All American Diner, IHC

Have your breakfast at The All American Diner which is known for it's typical American Diner which always ques up breakfast.

INA-Dilli Haat

Experience cultures and cuisines of different Indian states at Dilli Haat. Dilli Haat transports you to the magical world of Indian art and heritage presented through a fascinating panorama of craft, cuisine and cultural activities.

Cha Bar, Connaught Place

Spend your evening at Cha Bar known for it's in house library and wide variety of teas.

Sarvana Bhavan, Janpath

One of a chain of excellent South Indian Vegetarian restaurants with delicious Dosas and Thalis.This is the only restaurant that has maintained the true essence of South Indian cuisine. Do not go out without trying the Rasam and applam.

Siri Fort Auditorium

One of the biggest auditoriums in Delhi offering many mega cultural events like music, dance, theatre, etc by private organisers. End your day by immersing yourself into the colors of Incredible India.


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Hello I read "My Perfect Day in My City-Delhi" you do sound like a person who loves travelling...and you have mentioned everything I will need to spend a perfect day in Delhi starting from Rahgiri then having breakfast at All American Diner....Dilli Haat of course has lot of items to explore every time you go there...then Cha-Bar sounds interesting too (Where is it located exactly ?) ....and then south indian food although i dont find Sarvana Bhavan that tasty I mean there are a few chains better than Sarvana .....finally ending it up at Siri fort.......Perfect. I got a good feeling about it just by reading this keep it up and keep posting Cheers.
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