My Scoot-ing 1,234.8Kms long!

27th Jan 2016

We are adventurous gear-less bikers,who took a troll of covering Delhi to Ranchi on our #Honda activa in Jan 2015.

Day 1

I never thought of penning it down, but now have planned another. The adrenal rush and excitement was the new plan.

Day1: we took off at around 12 pm from Delhi on our Activa Scooter and had decided to not to travel in night hence had to cover till Agra and deiced to spend our night their. The first day was in-itself tiring and we were exhausted.After taking a quick dinner we took sweet naps

Day 2

Day2: However we were still tired, we decided to leave early and just wanted to have a glimpse of The Taj Mahal,it didn't happen, we were on a plan-schedule to adhere and 6 am was perhaps too chilling and cold for deserted roads! So we took off without ado.Riding to next 600 km was our target and drove to the NH19, each toll, river, flyover, pond, farm was splendid in itself. We saw a remarkable difference in temperature as we touched Allahabad from Chilling it grew to cozy warm! We stopped for lunch in a local dhabba and I still have watering mouth thinking about the sumptuous food we had! We were not leftwith 180 Kms to reach varanasi

Varanasi-the landof GODS,yeah that sanity! The moment we hit the road to the city,GOD had a different plan. We were already tired and were counting every kilometer as an inspiration when it started raining like cats and dogs,yes i have been to rain before but this time in 60km/hr speed it was like a machine gun hitting our face and we were not prepared. Drenched in water we reached the town, went for shopping, bought new cloths and threw old(space was a constrain) eat the best dinner at Lemon Grass Fine Dine & Lounge Bar. Yes it was a long night. And we slept like a log

Day 3

We enjoyed Ganga ghat, bread butter and tea and the beautiful boat ride at Varanasi and took the scooter to cover the last lap of 414Kms. Tired,back-ache,numb bums still the enthusiasm was the same!!! We enjoyed the local food and the greenery around the whether was in favour with cool breeze hitting our face. We were so much covered jackets that I remember that we almost hit the bee hive and had thousands of bees stinging on my jacket,but i was so much layered that their stings could not touch my skin (Thank God!).

It was around 4 PM when we reached Bodhgaya. The city was mesmerizing and the landscape had changed from plain roads to hills in the distance.It was another 214KM to reach and we took a call, through not that safe place to ride at night but reckoned that if we rush,we may be able to cross the naxal belt before 7PM

I reckon that decision was uncalled for we should have stayed at Bodhgaya but then we took off and drove like a kamikaze.Trust me Ramghar to Ranchi road is addictive, beautiful and perhaps better that Delhi-Agra Highway!!!

Oh we reached Ranchi at 11PM and i still think that it is an ACHIEVEMENT!

Now I am up for my next gear-less adventure Delhi-Valsad on Sep 1st 2016...

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