My Spiti Valley Trip- A Tour of Heaven

1st Oct 2017

Photo of My Spiti Valley Trip- A Tour of Heaven by Backpacker Jony

Hey!! In this post, I am describing about my journey of Spiti Valley From Delhi in 5 days. I went Spiti last month. Its really a trip to heaven. There are two ways to go Spiti Valley, first one is from Manali and Second one is from Shimla-Kinnaur. I choose Manali because its relevant to my journey. I covered more than 15 destinations in this little trip of 5-6 days. I started my journey from Delhi. Firstly I went Manali from Delhi by a Volvo Bus and spend some time in Old Manali. There are many place to visit in Manali and you can do many activities there. I did River-Crossing, River Rafting and much more there. I booked a room in Old Manali and make a stay of my first night of this trip in Manali.

Next day early morning I leave Manali for my next destinations. After the journey of 2-3 hours I reached Rohtang Pass. Its an amazing weather there and also a beautiful view. I capture a lot of photos there and make my journey precious. After spending some time in Rohtang Pass now I moved to Kunzum pass which is approx 150 kms away from there. Its a beautiful journey from Manali to Kaza. Kaza is the main district of Spiti valley. There are only one ATM Machine and Petrol Pump in whole Spiti Valley which you will find in Kaza. After the journey of 12-13 hours, I reached Kaza. I booked a room in local hotels of Kaza and took rest there.

Next day, I covered 5 Destinations. From Kaza firstly I went to Hikkim. Hikkim has world’s highest post office. After posting some of postcards in Hikkim, I went to Komic. Komic is famous for its road and monastery. The World’s highest road connect with motor able road is located in Komic. After Komic I went to Langza. In Langza I saw a big monastery with a big statue of god Buddha. Then I moved to Key Monastery. Key Monastery is the biggest monastery of Spiti Valley. I spend more than 1 hour there and then moved to village Kibber. After kibber I went village Chicham to say Chicham Bridge and much more.

Then I came back to Kaza. I visit many places on that day and do lots of fun there. I saw much beautiful view, clicks hundreds of photos of mine with nature. It is how I complete my Spiti Trip.

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