My splendid stay at Zuri White Sands 

7th Sep 2017

Tourists throng Goa for a myriad of reasons. While some visit this lovely state to enjoy its pulsating nightlife, others prefer staying near the placid beaches and enjoying their absence. Well, I definitely fall in the latter category. I just wanted to experience the sheer bliss that the magnificence of a beach brings with it. With the same thought in my mind, my family and I headed to Zuri White Sands located in South Goa.

The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort and Casino is a true reflection of the vibrant Goan culture. And what makes it more unique is the fact that it is located on a picturesque beach offering us the much needed solitude that a Delhiite would yearn for. On inquiring at the reception, we got to know that this colossal resort was spread across 37 acres. I was definitely dumbfounded when I got to know this.

My experience at Zuri

We reached the resort at 3 pm and were delighted to see the staff applying tilak on all their guests' foreheads. After a warm welcome by the hotel staff, we headed at the reception to get our rooms' keys. The rooms were as beautiful and well-maintained as the resort itself. I was blown away seeing the elegantly furnished room and the outside view it offered. As I noticed, most rooms had a private balcony providing a spectacular view of the gardens and the pool.

Photo of The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino, Pedda, Varca, Goa, India by 4V
Photo of The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino, Pedda, Varca, Goa, India by 4V
Photo of The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino, Pedda, Varca, Goa, India by 4V
Photo of The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino, Pedda, Varca, Goa, India by 4V

Talking about the amenities, there was a 24-Hour room service. We were even given complimentary breakfast the next day. And last but not the least - the room had strong wifi connectivity. However, I would personally recommend everyone to leave your phones and laptops aside when in Goa unless very necessary. You would definitely not want to stay glued to screens when the scene outside is so captivating.

Maya Spa

We couldn't head to the spa but on inquiring, we got to know that a lot of guests who went there called it a rejuvenating experience. In fact, it is perfect for those looking forward to pamper their bodies and souls.

As told to us, there are separate steam rooms, saunas and a jacuzzi to eliminate your stress.

Varca Beach

Photo of Varca Beach, Fatrade, Goa by 4V

This was the highlight of our stay at Zuri. The vast beach is exactly behind the resort. I could even listen to the sound of the waves sitting in my room.

You just need to walk a few metres from your room to reach there.

And I was especially fascinated by it because I was visiting it after almost a decade. What made the experience more incredible was the fact that the beach was not a crowded one. We could spot just six to seven people strolling at the seaside like us. Besides that, I loved the fact that the beach was squeaky clean. The wetness in the air, the never ending vastness of the beach and the most loving people around - I couldn't have asked for more. It was a truly delightful experience.

I would call Zuri the quintessential blend of tradition and modernity. There was't even a single moment when I felt monotony setting in. There was so much to see and absorb. I knew this was a rare and a priceless moment and I wanted to cherish it as much as possible. I can very confidently say that I came back to Delhi rejuvenated with a longing to return again for the fairy tale vacation.

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