My Top 5 Signs That I Need a Vacation

16th Jun 2017
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This week I've been taking a step back and thinking about how I know it's time for me to take a vacation. It can be easy for me to become overworked and to forget to make rest a priority. Many people don't realize that they're in desperate need of a vacation until they burn out or have a breakdown. After working too much, these are a few signs that help me know that I'm in need of a holiday to regroup and recharge, there are also some signs that I found that could indicate for you that it's time for a vacation.

1. Frequent Mistakes

Frequent mistakes can be made when you're stretched thin and are in survival mode. Chronic stress is known to lead to workplace errors and can cause your performance to suffer when you need a vacation. If you're in the middle of a high-stress project, schedule time off to give yourself a break. You can recharge from a vacation and avoid burnout.

You may also lose your passion or enthusiasm in the office, which can affect your productivity and the quality of your work, I know that's happened to me before. You're likely doing everything you can just to get by, which can cause you to avoid double-checking your projects or tasks. Your procrastination may also be at an all-time high, and you end up turning in projects or assignments at the last minute.

2. Negative Attitude

You may not realize that you no longer enjoy life once you begin suffering from burnout. It's normal to begin having a negative attitude, which can create conflict with your relationships. You may also lose your sense of humor in the process and never act laidback due to constantly being in work mode.

It can also be difficult to laugh at stressful situations or problems that arise, which can cause you to become overly serious with your demeanor.

You may also begin to complain more or make negative comments, which can lead to feeling unhappy and discontent in life. For me, molehills can easily become mountains due to excess stress, which can lead to me having an unhealthy perspective on life and having minor issues turn into major problems. Vacations allow me to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life again. You'll feel pampered and can spend time in paradise, which will allow you to realize there's more to life than work.

3. Your Memory is Failing

When there's too much on your plate, it can be easy to forget your sister's birthday or milk that you need to pick up on the way home. Your mind can become distracted with all of your responsibilities, which leads to forgetting important details that are usually on your radar. A lack of sleep and burnout can lead to a decline in your cognitive function, which makes it easy to have a failing memory. You can catch up on your rest by taking a vacation to think clearly and be ready to tackle your work again.

4. Insomnia

It's common to have difficulty sleeping at night due to a mind that races and doesn't stop thinking if you need a break. Many people struggle to fall asleep when it's time for bed while others wake up at 3 a.m. and stay awake for several hours. A mind that is overworked during the day can be difficult to shut off when it's time for rest by thinking of all of the tasks that you need to complete.

5. Failing to Maintain a Personal Life suggests that one of the main signs that you need a vacation is when you don't have much of a personal life. Your work life can make it difficult to attend family gatherings or social events with your friends. You may develop a habit of missing your kids' soccer games or school plays in an attempt to catch up on other commitments, whether it means looking for cheap insurance quotes or doing repairs around the home.

Your entire life can also begin to revolve around your work, which can make it difficult to spend time with your loved ones and maintain a bond.

Although it can be difficult to think of taking time off to relax and unwind, becoming overworked will eventually lead to both physical and mental issues. When it's time to slow down, there are a few important signs to look out for when you're in need of a getaway.

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