My trip to Lavasa: What I felt about sunset!

Day 1


Who says we can't get free happiness? We don't have to pay for every good things that we get in our life. All we need is an eye to seek those things which bring true bliss, not only to our heart but our soul too. And what can be a better place than nature for such experiences. 

I choose sunset as the most spectacular phenomenon of nature. We don't have to visit every sea beaches to get a perfect view of sunset because sunset everywhere signifies only one thing - promise of a new day. A promise of new chance to our life, to make the best memorable moments and fulfilling the dreams we have been dreaming of. Sunset is not what we see as disappearance of the sun below the horizon, but it's more than that. It's a promise to a newborn for a new day while for some it's a ray of hope of living another day. After having a bad day, sunset promises to bring a new day so that we can make that day a good one. We think of sunset as it brings darkness but we forget that there will never be a sunrise without a sunset.

And not to forget my dear friends, watching sunset with your loved one will be the best ever moment of your life. So stop complaining and cherish every moments with a belief that a sunset never breaks its promise!

Spectacular view of sunset

Photo of Lavasa, Maharashtra, India by maitri dey