My Trip to Singapore

9th Jul 2016

Hi guys,I recently went to Singapore for 7 days in July 2016 and in this blog post series I would be writing and sharing my travel experience,what I did,What I couldn't ,What I liked/disliked,my itinerary and places I been to in Singapore during my trip.

There is a lot I want to share,and I guess it wont be a good idea to jot down all in a single post,thus I planned on writing them as indiviual posts and what I did on each day of my trip. Apart from my daily activities I would also write about

- Travel itinerary

- Things to do in Singapore

- My daily adventures and places I been throught my travel

- What I liked most about Singapore and anything if disliked :)

All the videos/pictures that I would be sharing on this Singapore blog series are taken using a smartphone and yeah of course by me :). I am quite excited as this would be in fact my first blog post series on travelling which off late as become my passion and would take me more closer to my dream of becoming a travel blogger.

Here is a small trailer of my trip to Singapore,hope you enjoy the same.

Till then peace out,live the adventure and enjoy life.

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