My trip to Vegas

5th Mar 2018
Photo of My trip to Vegas 1/1 by Mike Hammelton

I went to Las Vegas on March 5, and my journey lasted about 15 days. Now I want to tell you which places I visited during this time, and also tell you about some of the sights of the Vegas.  During this time i play las vegas slots, went to the casino, ate excellent food, skated on expensive wheelbarrows, attended entertainment events and all this for ten thousand dollars.

Las Vegas is a city located in the middle of the desert, in which the thermometer's column rises above 40 ° C in summer. Here live 1.2 million people and more than 36 million come every year as tourists. Visiting in Las Vegas expect a total of about 135,000 hotel rooms, from the smallest low-budget and to apartments, the area of ​​which is comparable to the average house area.

Las Vegas is a city where every day 150 couples swear to each other in eternal fidelity where dreams are born and where Elvis is still alive, a city that becomes a part of you as soon as you step on his land. Las Vegas, which in Spanish means "pasture", is located in 36 states of America, Nevada. Nevada, or, as it is also called, the "silver state" boasts the fastest US population growth, most of which resides in Las Vegas. However, the state capital is, as many mistakenly believe, not at all Las Vegas, but Carson City.

Fountains of Bellagio.

Fountains of Bellagio (Bellagio Fountains) according to many, the best and thus absolutely free attraction of Las Vegas, capable to make a huge impression on the one who first sees it in reality. From 15:00 to 24:00 hours, from Monday to Friday, giant water jets, rising to 152 meters in height, represent a real spectacle. A delightful spectacle is accompanied by music, in which the fountains are accurately hit. On the weekends, the show starts at 12:00 noon and lasts until 24:00. In the Gallery of Fine Arts of the Bellagio Hotel (Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art)

there is a remarkable, though not very well-known collection of sculptures and paintings of the late XIX and XX century, here you can find the canvases of Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and other European masters. At your service in the gallery are audio guides, with which you can get a lot of information about the works of art collected here.


Another very popular and very spectacular Las Vegas attraction is the Volcano Volcano. In front of the hotel Mirage Hotel is located a real crater, which behaves quite calmly during the day, however, with the onset of darkness, everything starts bubbling and bubbling inside it, then the volcano starts spouting the streams of fire and lava every 15 minutes, add to it an appropriate noise accompaniment .. The show looks very natural and therefore impressive.

For sure, you at least once saw the famous Fremont Street (Fremont Street) on TV or in a magazine, it has more than once become a decoration for Hollywood movies. With the onset of darkness, Fremont Street turns into the world's largest video show. Millions of lights and thousands of watts of music create for about 7 minutes magical pictures on a specially stretched tent. The cost of this show was about 70 million dollars. Fremont Street is located in the old Las Vegas, in Downtown.

Guinness World Records Museum.

Visitors to the Guinness World of Records Museum at the entrance are greeted by a plastic figure of the largest size and the heaviest man in the world. The museum shows video records of records, many of which were set in the vicinity of Las Vegas. The exhibition will be of interest to anyone who in such an interesting way wants to know more about this crazy world and its inhabitants. The history of the Las Vegas Natural History Museum comes to life. Here you can find everything: from the most diverse fossil to ten-meter tyrannosaur Rex. In addition, in the large aquarium of the museum you can watch sharks, who seem to be waiting to enjoy you. The most visited attraction of the museum is the section of insects.

tratosphere Tower.

One of the most favorite attractions and attractions of Las Vegas is, of course, the 356-meter tower Stratosphere Tower, with a viewing platform which you can see what the city looks like from a bird's eye view and admire the sea of ​​lights. The tower is best to climb the elevator shortly before dark, at which time the view of Las Vegas is simply stunning, like on postcards. For the bravest at the top of the tower is also the highest attraction in the world - Big Shot.

Unfortunately, the legendary show "Magic of Siegfried and Roy" is currently closed, but still works a wonderful garden with the Secret Garden von Siegfried & Roy Zoo, in which you can see the famous white tigers performing in the show. In addition, in the zoo you can see the representation of dolphins.

Sunset Park (Sunset Park) - the largest park in Las Vegas, a favorite place for picnics and festivals. There are 8 lighted outdoor tennis courts, baseball and basketball courts, as well as picnic tables and barbecue areas. Especially popular among children is a pond where you can fish for fishing (though not more than three).

In Las Vegas, there is even its own Eiffel Tower. The Las Vegas tower is halfway down Paris, a glass elevator will take you to its top, from where you can see a beautiful view from a height of 160 m. In the south you can see the famous Las Vegas hotels, in the west - singing Bellagio fountains, and in the east - mountains. In the north, the Las Vegas Boulevard stretched out to its full length. On the 11th floor of the tower there is an elegant restaurant.

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