#MyCupofCoffee in Ooty 


#MyCupOfCoffee In Ooty 

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Our stay in Mysore was beautiful and we started our journey for Ooty. Recommended by one of my dad’s friend we made an impromptu plan to visit Bandipur forest which is on the way from Mysore to Ooty

It was drizzling and breezy and we got the last slot to visit the forest. My parents were excited to see tiger and i was looking forward to watch the fauna in its natural habitat. The one hour journey in the forest was just memorable though we were not able to see tiger, we saw Indian elephants, Sambar deer, peacock etc. Watching these animals in forest which is their home is something you must experience while you are in Karnataka.

Photo of #MyCupofCoffee in Ooty  1/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

Bandipur forest: It is about 80 kilometers (50 mi) from the city of Mysore on the route to a major tourist destination of Ooty.

Safari Timings: Safari Charges:

Morning 6.30 a.m to 8.30 a.m. Indian Nationals – Rs. 300/- per person

Evening 3.30 p.m to 5.30 p.m. Foreign Nationals Rs.1100/- per person

While on our way to Ooty after entering Tamil Nadu, we saw quite a lot of Elephants at Mudumalai National Park.

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After 3.5 hr journey we reached our hotel in Ooty, we stayed at a hotel which was up hill named Space 4 resorts. It was so dam cold and drizzling at that night. We called for dinner in our room and slept early.

When we woke up early morning at around 7am and the view from the room was green and refreshing. You can see from the pictures ????

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We stayed in Ooty for 2 days and visited the Botanical garden, Doddabetta Peak, Ooty lake, Pine forest at Pykara lake and yeah how can i forget the popular Tea & Chocolate factory

Botanical Garden: The day we went to the garden was Sunday, it was bit crowded and it was raining. Variety of flowers and colors take you to another land itself. My parents sat there for some time while i was walking around clicking pictures with my cup of coffee. The terraced layout and lawns reminded me of my college days when we used to visit gardens for our horticulture visits.

Entry fee is very minimal around 20Rs to 30Rs

Ooty Lake: The resort where we stayed is close by to Ooty lake. The best time to visit is at morning and avoid going on weekends since it is very crowded. Must do boating at the Boat House. I tried our few of the activities next to the lake like archery, 7D experience. There was a mini train ride next to the lake and it was so much fun (ride was just for 10 bucks)

Entry fee is just 12Rs

Doddabetta Peak: It was the next day early morning we decided to check out the highest mountain in Nilgiri hills, Doddabetta. It was so cold and cloudy that we could hardly see anything from the peak. There is telescope house at the peak but we couldn’t see it because of fog but was able to check out the beautiful place Coonoor with tea gardens. The weather out there called for Tea and pakodas.

Photo of #MyCupofCoffee in Ooty  6/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
Photo of #MyCupofCoffee in Ooty  7/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

Pykara Lake: This place made me sing one of my favourite song Gazab ka hai din

Soncho zara, from the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak which was actually shot here in the pine forest near the lake and yeah i couldn’t stop singing the song.

Photo of #MyCupofCoffee in Ooty  8/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
Photo of #MyCupofCoffee in Ooty  9/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

Tea & Chocolate Factory: Everywhere in Ooty you will just see tea gardens and if you are here you must visit the factory. We saw the complete process from leaf to tea and tasting variety of teas like green, chocolate, white tea etc. We picked up quite a lot of tea for family and relatives. Chocolate factory was on the other floor and the aroma of chocolate will make you try out yummy chocolates. We picked up boxes of different chocolates like caramel, hazelnut, groundnut, coffee etc (My fav was caramel one)

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Photo of #MyCupofCoffee in Ooty  12/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

Best time to visit Ooty is the start of rainy season and it is also beginning of the off season due to end of summer vacation.

Stay tuned to know more about visit of #MyCupOfCoffee to the most beautiful and unexplored place Coonoor

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