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20th Jan 2017
Photo of historically mystical 1/1 by Shweta Mitra

Serene may not be the only word describing the historical town Shrirangapatna known to all the town derives its name from the famous Sri Ranganath Swamy Temple which stands as a perfect protector. The sleeping posture of the town deity acts as a perfect metaphor explaining the serenity of the town. The ever calm and peaceful city was once the capital of Tipu Sultan. The ruins of his kingdom are scattered throughout the town attracting millions of tourist from all over throughout the year. There is no off season for tourism as the weather is extremely human friendly, a trait similar to its kin city Bangalore but minus the traffic and pollution which acts as double whammy. The river Kaveri flows in a certain pattern mimicking the town as an island. The 1000 year old temples with its architecture at full glory challenges even the staunch atheists to fall pray to mesmerize. You can enter these temples with any notion of your choice but cannot exit without being mesmerizedEach stone has a story to tell of the bygone era. They literally talk if only you have the ear to listen. Sitting on the banks of river Kaveri at twilight rejuvenates your tranquilized urban imagination 200 years old homes may project the Dravidian home styles reflecting ounces of their rich culture. If you witness people of foreign lands deep in meditation or in trance in either of any places in this town, do not get shocked, you are going to witness only such visuals more. Daria Daulat Bagh or the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan is an exemplary example of teakwood art which is few kilometers away from Gumbaz.Sangam and Gosaighat has been numerously portrayed on Tamil, Kannada films. Standing in Obelisk at sunset forces you to promise revisiting the place to urself. The Water Gate and the mantapa ruin along has a long story to tell only if you visit this mystical town. Viewpoint from Karighatta Hills invites you to step in sheer bliss for as long as you can take it and not transform into a nature lover overnight. You may call Shrirangapatna a divine mystical town serving a perfect choice for detox and distress but for me Shrirangapatna cannot be cubed into any box of exclamatory adjectives. It is much more than said, more than explained and much more than felt. To say one must visit Shrirangapatna at least once in a lifetime is just and understatement. If the ringing bells of Narsimha Swamy Temple give you goosebumps do thank me for it was I who took the grave job of penning the non explainable mysticity of this heaven.

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Your words have taken me back to Shrirangapatna. You have perfectly brought the essence of the town. I look forward to more articles from you... very well written piece. :)
Thu 05 03 18, 04:41 · Reply · Report
Beautiful place and a beautifully written article ...
Thu 05 03 18, 03:35 · Reply · Report