Na zdravi! - Europe '17

23rd Jun 2017
Photo of Na zdravi! - Europe '17 by Rishi Thariani

5 flights covering an aerial distance of over 15000 kms.

5 different cars - A mind-blowing road trip covering more than 2500 kms.

A bus, a train and a cruise journey, covering over 1200 kms.

7 beautiful cities and 2 splendid islands spread across 5 different countries - all packed in 14 absolutely exhilarating days.

- Europe 2017, until next time.

Cities: Paris, Ibiza, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna, Zagreb< Dubrovnik, Split


- Divyat Rungta (Photographer, Beach Bod (soon?), Marriage Material - all packed in one, they fondly call him ‘Daddu!’)

- Manik Garg (Are you planning a trip without him? Well, it’ll suck. He’s the LSE joker who plans to perfection.)

- Rishi Thariani (That’s me! I earn, travel, sleep, eat, repeat. - basically, I’m awesome.)

- Samarth Sethi (Brilliant song collection, half-decent driving skills, wild and mature at the same time; he’s one of the few perfectly balanced folks that you’ll come across - Meet Sam!)

- Sanket Agarwal (Every group is incomplete without a 1996-born kid and this one is my absolute favourite!)

- Sharanya Sahai (He’ll sing, he’ll crib, he’ll dance, he’ll laugh [at literally everything you say!] - this hyper-excited cracknut is indispensable.)

- Umang Daga (Mr. Philosophical who can charm you with.…well, with everything. He sings, he’s funny, he can cycle and he can take a skinny dip!)

If you like the video and need help with your Euro Trip itinerary, drop me a ping -

Audio: Beautiful Wonderful Life — RogerThat — Provided by Jamendo

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