Nag Tibba

Photo of Nag Tibba by Stuti Panwar
Photo of Nag Tibba by Stuti Panwar
Photo of Nag Tibba by Stuti Panwar
Photo of Nag Tibba by Stuti Panwar

There is a big guy somewhere,

who has a lot of paint brushes and paints as well.

How beautiful this is, couldn't have imagined anything more pure, more real.

'Nagtibba' that comes in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand is the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan region of the Garhwal division.

This is rated as an easy level trek, hence a must do for those who are just beginning to explore. Those who have added this trek to their wishlist, must tick it off asap. There are few professionals who conduct this trek, 'Born Wild Treks' (details at the end of the page), recommended. These people have their own cool way to function, considering all the requirements of their clients.

Those who fancy solitary, spirituality will surely find a plenty of it while ascending the mountain. If you make it to Jhandi (highest point of nagtibba), one could have a spectacular view of the Himalayan region.My mouth was agape when i managed to catch the early sun. It was the most detailed, defined sunrise of my life. A little piece of poetry struck me at that moment.

Finding myself, 

wondering where i belong

still don't know where i come from.

Feels like i have just started, though covered a few miles.

Yet lot to cover, so many bend

This journey shall never end.

Contemplation with the feelings I'm going through at this moment.

I mean how difficult could the path be!

I shall certainly give it a shot.

Because with this journey, this path, 

I have already tied a knot.

I went with them: (Born Wild Treks email- call on- +91 9760737244 or +91 7534866686)