Nandgiri/Kalyangad Trek with 12 Motechi Vihir Satara

12th May 2019

Cave on Nandgiri Fort

Photo of Nandgiri/Kalyangad Trek with 12 Motechi Vihir Satara by AJINXD Artist
Day 1

Hi, I am Ajinkya & this is my channel AJINXD Artist.

In today's video, I am taking you to Nandgiri fort also known as Kalyangad fort & Bara Motechi Vihir. Both are close to Satara and around 99 km from Pune.

I was excited about this trek as I was going for one after December. My Last trek of 2018 Ghangad fort - 

It has been very hot in India this year & I am also making some decisions with my career. I hardly got any time to think of traveling or trekking. In February I went to explore the caves near Kamshet. I am still working on it to make a 3D model & render it to use it in the video.

My laptop is not built for heavy rendering, anyways back to the topic.

I have mostly laid out all the info I got about the fort and the water well in the video but it is in Marathi so I'll soon upload subtitles asap.