Nandi hills an exquisite cool journey

29th Aug 2019
Day 1

My sound sleep was disturbed by the melodious alarm clock in the morning. I was used to that time. It was five O’ clock. I and my friend Athreya got ready within twenty minutes and we were off for the adventure. Nandi Hills is around 61kms away from Bengaluru. It is located at a place called Chikballapur.

Our bike was ready for pulling us up. The sun was still lazy to show up in the horizon. Of course it was too early. We wanted to view the sun rise atop the hills and our journey began. The roads were cool and free without the heavy Bengaluru traffic which is found during other times of the day. It wouldn’t be a shivering trip if you had sweater, cap and gloves. I didn’t have those, so you could understand my situation. It took around one and half hour to reach there. This trip is not for adventurists as there is a wide and beautiful road which takes you till the top of the hill. Bike riders will feel the joy of riding there. It is worth mentioning that it is also one of the favourite spot for couples for various reasons which I can’t mention.

Our plan of seeing the sun shine was spoiled by the clouds and fog. The top is almost always covered by fog where you rarely get a chance to see the picturesque scenery. There is a parking lot and you also have to pay a fee to enter inside. Since we went by two wheeler we had to pay seventy rupees and there is different fares for different vehicles. It is a very huge place. I mean you could easily spend a full day there exploring numerous places. There is also a stone steps pathway which lead you to the bottom of the hill. So if you don’t want to go by road they have you covered.

What is more enchanting when you have a hot cup of chai enjoying the cool breeze amidst the fog filled atmosphere. That’s just exquisite. There are a few hotels from which you can have some light breakfast.

If you are a person who like to have some religious touch with your trips then there is also a temple at the top of the hill. Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple. It is a very old temple which will be open from around 6.30 in the morning. There is also a small playground for kids. There are numerous places to flock around, so much that you can walk till you get tired. There are some private places too but I doubt their safety. Tippu Drop is one among the famous attraction there. It is said that Tippu had killed the captivated enemies by pushing them from that spot. It doesn’t look very fascinating, rather it just looks like a normal hill top.
So, finally to conclude if you are interested in having a one day or a half day trip this could be a choice especially if you are in and around Bengaluru. It would be better if you go in a group. Adventure lovers have to think again.

Photo of Nandi hills an exquisite cool journey by Chaitanya Badami
Photo of Nandi hills an exquisite cool journey by Chaitanya Badami
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