Trek to triund exploring the unexplored

25th May 2016

"Travelling always gives you that experiences which enrich your soul. And when it comes to travel across small country side scenic beauty it further adds to your list. Himachal which means abode of snow is the ultimate destination of any traveler who wants to get rid of every trouble in his or her life. The adventurous treks, valleys, and the feel of snow during the scorching summers of may becomes part of your wildest dreams. This article will give enough idea about the most interesting treks in Himachal which a person of any age group can dare or I can say enjoy"

About the place

Photo of Himachal Pradesh, India by Rahul sharma

Triund is peaceful place which is situated in the laps of Dhauladhar and at top of Dharmshala. Which is accessible for almost whole of the year except during the winters when snow cuts the way off .The panorama of the place is exhilarating and the view of Kangra valley from the top is awe-inspiring the trek or the journey to Triund is not a big challenge. The beauty of the nature can be felt at the very first step of your journey. The more you walk more you feel the calmness of nature.

Photo of Triund, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India by Rahul sharma

The trek is approximately 6-7 km which is not so tiring but the last 100- 200 meters steepness may consume your energy but that is what trekking is all about. There are 2-3 cafes on the way which help in rejuvenating the energy you have lost. Reaching Triund takes around 3-4 hours if you travel at a very decent speed, and if you are slow walker it may take around 5-6 hours but not more than that. The scenic beauty of Triund elevate audiences and transport them to higher level of consciousness. And my review of the place is based on this belief of mine.

How to Reach

Photo of Trek to triund exploring the unexplored by Rahul sharma

The journey to Triund starts from resplendent hill station Mc-leodgunj which is moored between the majestic Dhauladhar. After leaving Mc-leodgunj the next speckle which arrive is Dharmkot village which is at a distance of 3 to 4 kilometers from Mc-leodgunj. Dharmkot gives a scenic view of the Kangra valley on one side and Dhauladhar ranges on other. Dharmkot is a home for number of foreigners as the temperature here is adorable. At a distance of 4-5 km from Dharmkot you will reach Galu devi from where after registration you can move to your ultimate destination Triund.

Photo of McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Rahul sharma

The best time for trekking to Triund is around April and may. The m Café named as mid way café is situated at a very beautiful point where trekkers can have some snacks etc. to gain some energy.

What should be done

Photo of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India by Rahul sharma

On reaching Triund the 1st and the most basic thing that can be done is looking for the tents. There you can find tents according to your need like for 4 people ,2 people etc. or you can even carry your own tents ( Bargaining can be tried ). Cost is around 1000 Rs for 2 persons tent and 1500-2000 for 4 persons tent rest up to the negotiator. The weekends offer more crowd hence the prices also elevate up to some extent.

Photo of Trek to triund exploring the unexplored by Rahul sharma

The spectacular view of the place will make you forget everything even the elevated prices hence its not a big deal.

What more can be done

Photo of Trek to triund exploring the unexplored by Rahul sharma

After taking the tents a person can relax for 1 hour , have your food. If you want your trek to be more interesting or worth remembering you can trek to the next point called as snowline. Snowline as the name suggest is place where you can find snow even in scorching summers of may . The trekking somehow becomes more difficult than Triund but the place you will reach is worth hard trekking.

Photo of Trek to triund exploring the unexplored by Rahul sharma

On reaching snowline you will be totally fascinated by the beauty of the glaciers and the calmness of nature. The journey to snowline from Triund is a trek of 2-3 hours and is more steeper . You can even plan to stay at snowline for the night. Having a guide can be a good option.

Is staying for the night be good option

Photo of Trek to triund exploring the unexplored by Rahul sharma

According to me if you visit Triund I would personally recommend my readers to stay for the night and the night will probably become one of the best nights of your life. Every where the sight of bonfire during the night further adds to the beauty. You can hear people singing, dancing and enjoying to the fullest under the lapse of mother nature. Meeting new people, knowing them and the interactive sessions of telling about each others experiences will definitely be worth spending night in Triund. Things don't finish yet the next morning before leaving Triund you would definitely like to watch the best sunrise of your life and the freshness and the aroma of the place.

Things you should carry

Photo of Trek to triund exploring the unexplored by Rahul sharma

Water- The price of food items or drinks cannot be negotiated . The water sources on the way are negligible hence I recommend you to carry at least 3 bisleris Pan- The price of food items is even higher. A person should carry at least 4-5 packets of Maggie and a pan . The wood sources are abundant hence the Pan can help you in making your 2 minutes noodles easily. And the zipper for the night........for more of my articles you can visit

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