Nepal Trails

28th Dec 2018
Photo of Nepal Trails by Dipen Shukla

One of the best times to visit Nepal is during New Year. So I planned my trip from Mumbai to Nepal by train and decided to take a route which nobody talks about (Krishna Nagar Border) by train. Took a train from Panvel to Barhni (2days) Got down at barhni station, walked for 100metres till Krishna Nagar Border. And BOOM I was in Nepal.

Photo of Nepal Trails 1/7 by Dipen Shukla
Is this Indian Railway or an apartment?That's Gungun, playing with her new kitchen set. She was said no to play with her kitchen set this late but she knows how to get work done. One loud scream and the kitchen set was there in front of her.She didn't forget to ask everybody for Tea.

Took a bus from Barhni to Butwal (100 INR/2-3hours) Buses in Nepal are not very comfortable & I am sure you all must have heard about it. Flights are very reasonable and recommended. It was time to take another bus from Butwal till Pokhara (500 NPR/5-6hours) don't forget to bargain even for the bus tickets.

Pokhara is one of the beautiful tourist destination in Nepal and it was festival time which made Pokhara look glitter city. Watch the whole series for video experience.

The heart & soul of PokharaPhewa Tal or Fewa Lake in Nepal located in the south of the Pokhara Valley.You will see a lot of water sports activities around this lake. We were not interested in any of the activities apart from sitting and taking a glimpse of this beautiful lake.

There are so many things you can do in Pokhara and it's was a new experience with cultural difference. Being Indian I'm used to eating tasty and masala food and the food in Nepal is healthy but not at all tasty. However, I found one Indian girl having a restaurant name "Sabina Tandoor & Naan" in North Pokhara. You will find good Indian food here and a healthy American breakfast.

Photo of Nepal Trails 2/7 by Dipen Shukla
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It was time to travel from Pokhara to Kathmandu. Paradise for shoppers. people are mostly confuse if there is any night bus in Nepal and even local would say I don't think so. Well, that's not true, there are two night buses from Pokhara to Kathmandu with a toilet inside (1k NPR)

Photo of Nepal Trails 3/7 by Dipen Shukla
My time with one of the beautiful placesPokhara lake has the vibes that will bring you back to this countryThank you Nepal for accepting us as a tourist and making our travel life more beautiful. I had a wonderful time exploring this country and meeting new people with an amazing culture.

Kathmandu is nothing like Pokhara. It's noisy, dusty and fast. There are so many thing to do in Kathmandu and visiting Pashupati Nath Temple & Swyambhunath Temple is recommended. Don't forget to enjoy night life at Thamel.

Photo of Nepal Trails 4/7 by Dipen Shukla
Meet the friendliest of the lots, feel their optimism & embrace their genuine warmth. Say Namaste to watch the people of Nepal return your gesture with some of the largest most welcoming smiles in the world.
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Sadhu at PashupatinathGiving up the worldly pleasures and determined to live the peaceful life in isolation sadhus immerse themselves most of the times into devotionsPashupatinath, the temple dedicated to Hindu Supreme Lord, Shiva is the biggest Hindu Shrine of Nepal and one of four prominent Hindu.

Don't forget to carry your camera if you are going to Swayambhunath Stupa. You're going to see the whole Kathmandu valley from the top.

Photo of Nepal Trails 6/7 by Dipen Shukla
The Stupa itself is a symbol of the Buddha, and more accurately, of the enlightened mind and presence.Worship of a stupa consists in walking around the monument in the clockwise direction. Always remember "clockwise" I used to walk anti-clockwise until someone corrected me.???????? Swayambhunath Temple

After my 20 days in Nepal, it was time for me to come home. Took a flight from Kathmandu to Bhairawa (1800 NPR) Try to book Buddha Airlines and not Yeti for more details watch the whole video on YouTube

If you would like to see the whole journey with details then please check the Nepal Trails series on Youtube with 10 Episodes and it gives you More information on hotels, food, transport and what to do.

Photo of Nepal Trails 7/7 by Dipen Shukla
Thamel StreetThamel is known by its narrow alleys crowded with various shops and vendors. You will find a good collection of souvenirs, woollen items and clothes.Budget hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs also line the streets.However, I would suggest staying in Paknajol to avoid the hustle bustle.

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