New-Year BASH!!

16th Jan 2015
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat
Photo of New-Year BASH!! by Swati Bhat

The travel from Bangalore to Mysore starts at 10pm!! There are two more people waitng for us in mysore to continue the journey with us to the destination. Reached Mysore and celebrated Ashu's birthday and the introduction of my group is as follows, 

The one in black is the bday boyy-Ashu!
The one in yellow is rohi!!
Gal in red tee is Jovi!
Between Ashu & Jovi is Nitin!
Gal in striped tee is Mee!
And the guy behind Ashu is Ajit!!
 The cake with the PLAYBOY picture on it was cut on that night and we celebrated Ashu's bday!!
(here our missing frns Joey & Kaya called to wish Ashu!!)

The next day morning the journey begins! Now let me mention the place i.e. Mysore-Bandipur-Masinagudi(Destination).

We begin to travel at 09:00 instead of 6:00am from Mysore on the way the car is stopped to have breakfast since all were hungry! These were ready to pose before having food! Here you can see Ajit wearing the shades, Rohi smiling, Jovi is gonna grab the shades from Ajit next and Ashu on his own talking to Nitin(whos out of frame.)
These are my hunger filled folks waiting for idli's and dosas!! Amazing tea was served!

The destination is getting closer! We reach Gundalpet and
next 8-9kms to Bandipur!! Took a turn and we are climbing the hill to reach the Gopalaswamy betta where there is a Krishna Temple! OMG!! The view below is amazing as we climbed in the car!!! The weather was getting pleasant!! The city life ended and we had entered the peaceful place! Nature..greenery.. all around us!! And now Temple mode was on! Excited to see the temple here we go..!

The temple is 700-year old temple ! This temple was built by the Hoysala King Ballala during AD 1315. Later the Woderyar Dynasty took keen interest in maintain this hill temple.  This temple is dedicated to Gopalaswamy one of the names of Lord Vishnu. The legend says that, no crows come to this religious hill. We prayed here and were blessed by the priest!

Then we directly head to the destination!! Reached Masinagudi at 3:30!! None in the town knew the name of our home-stay!! But everyone knew the name of the Owner GIRISH!! Strange..but true that he was really famous!! We then entered the home-stay!!  Awesome place! Lunch was served as soon as we came!! A huge dormitory was provided for 6 of us!! The environment was great!! Well maintained!! The hospitality was pretty good!

The times were great till evening!! We played Carom happily ! What a happy game it was!!! A movie was being played in the TV also! :) Then was started the discussion for the arrangement of Night-Safari & Night-Party!!! Then the dinner was served at 9:30pm!! There were butterflies in everyone's stomach since we had to leave to jungle safari at 10:00pm, which was a 2-hours safari!!

    We entered the dense forest at 10:30! Our Jeep-Driver was extremely talented!! He took us deep inside the jungle .. with or without headlights .. and all of us quietly listening and keenly finding the animals in the jungle! Then the driver stopped in the middle of nowhere of the forest where we had to wait for the wild animals. Here you can see all our faces drained in the middle of the Jungle!! The driver tried his level best to show us the animals and we did see some of them in the forest!!

So we would have almost spent our 00.00th hour of new year in Jungle!! Fortunately that dint happen.. We reached our Home-stay camp at 11:35pm.. Yayy!! A separate campfire was set for the six of us in the garden!! :)
We set the music inside the car.. the music was played and the party went on!!!

The showstopper of the night was Ashu, who had turned 25 the previous night.. entertained all of us by his dance! And also taught all of us his dance- The Masha allah dance!!
Hence he became the KING of the den!!(in the pic.)

That night.. Our personal resolutions were confessed!! Our life goals were discussed! Major decisions were made!! Came to the conclusions that in future our better-halves will also be a part we folks.. ll stay close to each other as close as we are now!! The best night was spent by all of us !! With lots of singing , dancing, shouting, screaming, etc. !! Thus ended the new year night -- happily spent-- enjoyed the most -- slept well!!! :-)

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