New York City Parking Guide- Find A Cheap Parking in NYC

Photo of New York City Parking Guide- Find A Cheap Parking in NYC by Saswati Bhoi

Parking in NYC is a big and expensive hassle. New York’s roads are always busy, congested and everywhere here you will find the signs like “No Stopping”, “No Parking Anytime”, “No Standing”, which actually makes a real frustrating job for the visitors to find a safe parking in New York City!!!

I still remember, last year when Sarthak and I visited New York for the very first time, we kept circling endlessly around the streets for at least an hour to find the best cheap parking spot; and then gradually getting disappointed by the New York Parking Rules, we finally parked our car near the Battery Park paying $80 plus tax plus tip. Quite annoying, right?? Well, I must agree, we faced this issue because we didn’t plan this part of our trip well.

So, this year by January, when again we were planning our road trip to New York, we properly researched and booked the parking through the BestParking app one day before we started; this time, we paid $10 plus tax plus tip!!! Look at the difference!! Just a bit of advanced planning saved so many dollars!!! Believe me or not, third time when we visited New York, which was couple of months back, we parked our car in a garage near New Jersey, where we paid $7 plus tax plus tip.

Well, it’s almost 5-6 times now, we have traveled to New York by road and based on the experience, here are few tips and tricks you need to know about how to plan and find a proper cheap parking spot that meets all the New York Parking rules-

  • It is always advisable to park in garage to avoid the risk of parking tickets and towing, which are more risky in street parking.
  • Depending on the location where you are planning to visit in New York City, the garage parking price highly differs; So, to avoid the situation we faced on our first trip, it’s good to do a complete online research on the available parking lots in the surroundings and their offered price before you start your trip. This will help you park your vehicle at a cheaper price without wasting your time.
  • There are online coupons available for parking – check out sites like, Groupon NYC deals, and for offers.
  • Parking lots near popular landmarks like the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Central Park and Statue of Liberty are way too high. It is always better to park on the outskirts of Manhattan and explore the city by all other available means. Check out this article- Best Cheap Ways To Get Around New York City for more details.
  • Carefully go through the Parking Cost Board before parking your vehicle in the garage. Make sure you are aware of the inconsistent price which changes according to the hours of parking.
  • Not Tipping in New York City is not acceptable. In order to safeguard your vehicle, make sure you Tip the valet or parking attendants, when you drop off and pick it up.
  • Few of the Best New York Parking Apps, where you can compare, find and pre-book the best cheap parking spots near your destination. You can download this app from the iPhone and android markets directly.


Photo of New York City Parking Guide- Find A Cheap Parking in NYC 1/1 by Saswati Bhoi


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