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New Zealand has introduced an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) because there are changes in the global travel marketplace. New Zealand will reduce the risk from passengers showing up on the airport or sea port by requesting travellers to apply for an online NZ eTA from New Zealand ETA website. This will reduce the risk and allow the Government to check who is coming into the country few days in advance.

The numbers of visitors travelling coming into the country through countries by air and sea for entertainment, business and work purposes have grown quite a lot in recent decades and are forecast to keep pace well into the future.

Background of the travellers and the routes they come from is quite diverse. In order to reduce the risk, there is more demand on the time of immigration and border authorities.

The public, the New Zealand government, and many other countries have reduced their tolerance for immigration and border security risk. International borders of the countries have come under pressure because of increased inter country traffic and this trend will continue into the future. People are travelling more because of either immigration or being displaced from their own country of origin. The richer countries of Europe and increasing wealth accumulating Asian countries are able to travel more frequently. While this is great for New Zealand in terms of earning tourist dollars, it does pose a risk to New Zealand.

Travellers want to apply for an online NZ Visa or Electronic Travel Authority, NZ ETA, and they do not want to wait for weeks to fill a paper form. Customers can pay for their NZ ETA by filling and online form and use credit card or paypal at

New Zealand’s immigration policy is being changed to allow for online checking and issuing of an electronic visa within minutes to day rather than weeks to months in the face of increasing numbers of diverse travellers following more complex routes.

Visitors to New Zealand will be able to enjoy a fast process and better facilities given the increase in number of travellers. Airlines will also be able to experience better atmosphere because this new type of Visa, ETA, will already check the status of passengers and no passenger will be turned back at the airport. Airlines will not be fined for taking back or turning away the passenger. Travellers will not be turned around are New Zealand border, thus expectations of a fast facilitation and better experience, including not being turned back at check-in from their home country, or at New Zealand border will be a bonus for all. There is also an expectation of being able to interact with New Zealand Government digitally to receive personalised approval of NZ ETA service.

There is one more benefit to New Zealand, it will have more secure borders and there will be an assurance to New Zealand about the purpose of intending foreign travellers. Currently anybody can enter New Zealand from a ship, this gap will be closed post the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority being available online at website. Cruise Ship passengers on their journey to New Zealand will now also require an ETA.

There are security risks to New Zealand and bad elements will be prevented from entering the country by, A) Checking passports and ensuring that the passport holder is not in any known list of fraudulent or stolen passport list or not in any illegal associated group. B) Passport is legitimate and not fraudulently obtained. C) Biographical information will be checked against Black and Red Interpol watchlist of people who are well known or have suspicion of being security risk D)

By profiling the behaviour of travellers.

There is rapid growth occurring within the cruise industry all over the world. The number of passengers is rapidly increasing and the routes on which these ships travel is becoming increasingly complex. This growth is well expected to continue well into the future. Therefore the only method of protecting New Zealand is to force an Electronic Travel Authority so that the Government can know who is entering the country.

Citizens from 60 countries are now expected to apply for an ETA Online, please check if your country is in the list at

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