Newly Married? Visit Portugal On A Honeymoon Trip!

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Honeymoon is the most memorable experience for a couple. And having that perfect honeymoon, isn't an easy task. It involves a lot of planning, keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of both partners. And needless to say it, the destination should not just be aesthetically beautiful but also have a lot to offer in terms of art, architecture, adventure and gastronomy.

Portugal, situated in Southern Europe has the perfect climate to soak in some romantic love with your partner. Apart from that, there are many intriguing and interesting visuals in the country that will make you fall in love with it. So, if you are planning your own honeymoon or have a suggestion for a newly married couple, Portugal can be your top choice. Visit Portugal offers you a wide choice of experiences to indulge in while you plan your passionate time together.

How to have the most romantic time in Portugal

1. Begin with a fairy tale romance at Sintra- The World Heritage Cultural Landscape of the Serra de Sintra houses the most beautiful palaces and mansions from the 19th century. The company Parques de Sintra manages the monuments in Sintra and Queluz (17 kilometres apart). You can also experience the most luxurious stay at Pousada Palácio de Queluz, right in front of the Queluz National Palace with high-grade service and comfort, making it the most ideal place to begin a royal romance.

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Queluz National Palace, Sintra | Credits: Visit Portugal

2. Raise a romantic toast by the bank of River Douro- The world's oldest demarcated wine-producing region in Douro Valley will steal your heart with its port wine. For a more intimate ambiance stay at one of the states in the valley, and if you are a couple who loves outdoor activities, you may choose to go for a cruise along the river, lasting several days, which would give you the opportunity to visit riverside villages and explore the Alto Douro region which is also a World Heritage Site.

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Café terrace overlooking River Douro | Credits: Visit Portugal

3. Have a candlelight dinner by the Estoril Coast- For couples seeking an ideal Hollywood movie date, a candlelight dinner at the Estoril Coast can be the perfect choice. Here you can enjoy a sumptuous treat of the Portuguese delicacies listening to the music of the sea-waves. To add to the elegance, have this date in the premises of a heritage resort with yesteryear charm.

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Cascais and the Estoril Coast | Credits: Visit Portugal

4. Get intimate in the natural ambience of the Island of Madeira- The perennial pleasant climate and gorgeous gardens on the Island of Madeira make it a refined and sophisticated setting to enjoy nature at its best. You can immerse in the beauty of this island from a hotel with a sea view or relax in the tranquil vibe of an old estate. A sunset boat trip or a mini-cruise to Porto Santo are also ideal ways to ignite your passion.

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Ponta de São Lourenço, Madeira | Credits: Visit Portugal

5. Relax with your partner in the therapeutic water of Vidago- Take a dip in the alkaline rich water of Vidago, and soothe yourselves in the therapeutic thermal springs here, which is a part of the Portuguese age-old tradition. A spa day at Vidago is certainly the best way to have a cosy time with your love.

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Spa (for representation purpose only) | Credits: Unsplash

6. Walk hand-in-hand in the streets of Monsaraz- The village Monsaraz with its medieval shale and white walls, makes for the perfect setting for a romantic walk. Also, popular for rural tourism, the village will be etched in your memory forever.

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Couple in Monsaraz | Credits: Visit Portugal

7. Feel the height of love at Serra da Estrela- What can be more romantic than being with your spouse on top of a mountain with snow all around! Serra da Estrela, the second highest peak in Portugal, is one of the most liked places in the country, and also offers a great skiing experience.

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Serra da Estrela | Credits: Visit Portugal

Wish to bring back some warm memories from your honeymoon? Make those memories more vibrant by splashing them with the colours of Portugal.

Originally written by Kanj Saurav

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