Photo of Tbilisi, Georgia by Nikhar

I have come across very few travellers who have been to Georgia and those few had one common view about the country – “It is the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to”

This Eurasian nation (it lies at the intersection of Europe and Asia) of ‘Saqartvelo’ (as the countrymen call it), is also the birthplace of Wine, as claimed by the Georgians. The wine from Georgia is very highly recommended by some of my backpacker friends.

Georgians believe that guests are blessings and therefore hospitality flows through their veins.

The Georgian language is of a kind which neither looks or sounds like anything experienced before.

Home to the Caucasus Mountain Range, Age Old Villages and their cobblestone streets, Lush Green Valleys, Huge Vineyards and the Black Sea Coastline, Georgia has captured my imagination for some time now.

The happy and indulging locals, great nightlife, cheap prices and the fact that it still remains unexplored makes Georgia a very exciting destination.

I plan to take this month long trip in December as I have never travelled through any European nation during winters.

If the above picture and the description triggered your imagination too, I invite you to join me for 10 days of travelling through Georgia. The dates can be decided as per convenience but the month would be December. The budget for the whole trip should not exceed INR 75,000/- (all inclusive) if we manage to get good airfare. The group size would not exceed 10 members.

Get in touch and I shall write back with the cost breakup and tentative plan. Let’s make some new friends and explore Georgia ????

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