Nihalgarh with religious feeling

8th Mar 2015

Mountain range

Photo of Mountain range by Suvil sharma

Lion caves and several animals spotted

Photo of Lion caves and several animals spotted by Suvil sharma
Photo of by Suvil sharma

Amazing sunset

Photo of Amazing sunset by Suvil sharma

If you are hactic with your life and want to be relaxed for 1-2 days this is the place for you . This place is known for goddess NIHAL DEVI and beautiful Hanuman mandir,  amazing sunset , destructive forts , bath in holy rivers feeling relaxed and increases belief in god . if you are lucky spotted some wild animal in forest especially Bear . No hotels or restaurant avialable in nihalgarh it is avialable in guna which is 60 km from nihalgarh. Try patai paratha at patai known as pane.