Nine Things to Experience in Amsterdam


Go to Dam Square and find people with red umbrellas. They are SANDEMANs NEW Europe volunteers who can organize a free tour for you (you can tip them if you really like the tour). They can also get you decent discounts on other regular tours.

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2. Rent a bike

They say that there are more bikes than people in Netherlands.

Take a map or have the Google offline map downloaded and go around on a bike. Many local operators organise biking tours and if you are looking to meet some really cool people around the globe, go for this option (check SANDEMANs Amsterdam website to register for a bike tour).

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3. Red light district tour

This area is the medieval city centre of Amsterdam with beautiful canals and old bars. It has narrow alleys with women from around the world behind the glass windows, lit up by red neon lights.

I was hesitant to take this tour, but one of my co-travelers, whom I met that morning during the walking tour, insisted that I not miss this while in Amsterdam.

It's a different experience, especially for travelers from countries like India, where we shy away from speaking about prostitution or anything related to it. It is legal in Amsterdam and is a respected job.

Please note that you are not supposed to take any pictures in the red light district.

4. Eat a raw herring

The soused raw herring is a delicacy that is a tradition six centuries old. Go give it a try; heard it works best for hangover.

5. Cheese tasting

Dutch cheese is said to be the world's best cheese and I must say I agree. Treat your taste buds to the world's best cheese.

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6. Get the Hienikin experience

See how the beer is brewed and taste a variety of beer at different stages. It's a fun tour. Check online sites like Viator or SANDEMANs to get great deals.

7. See the beautiful city from a different perspective

This view of this beautiful canal city gets even better from the waters. I had a blissful time on the canal cruise.

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8. Get lost in the free-spirited city

What's better than getting lost in a free-spirited city full of positive vibes!

9. Smell the spring blossom

If you are visiting this city in spring, visiting the bulb field is highly recommended. The colourful tulip fields are a visual treat.

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