Not a Traveller

27th Oct 2017
Photo of Not a Traveller by Kartiki Malik

Hello Guys, I'm writing my first blog over here. I'm a Social Media Manager in a Hyderabad based agency. I'm not a traveller, however I've visited a lot of areas across India. I don't visit areas for 4-5 days as a result of isn't gratifying on behalf of me in person, I commit to get a very long time to grasp a lot of concerning culture and variety. These days I will be able to tell you concerning my trip to Goa. Goa is extremely widespread for traveling to India. Once involves school trip, bachelor party, New Year party or Destination wedding, Goa is initial preference for everybody.

I didn't get a chance to go to Goa within my school time, therefore I conceive to board Goa, board Goa approach i need to measure there for a long time. Residing in Goa for a quite long time is not simple as a result of initial, you've got to find somewhere to measure wherever one will keep with none issue, second you've got to sponsor yourself. For sponsoring you to need money. It had been clear that i will be able to not get the money out of my parents and that I don't have any savings.

Day 1

Therefore, I discovered a wonderful possibility. I am good only in marketing otherwise you can tell online reputation. Thus, I begin discovering a 9-5 job as a Social Media selling government in Goa. when searching for 2 months I found employment. I used to be receiving a set earnings and a location to remain, what else that I would like. I set up my trip from Delhi, I used to be going there for quite an while therefore I value more highly to take a train, I'd chosen Rajdhani specific, After reaching Margaon station, I've to book a taxi cab for me to reach a 10km area.

Taxi charged me 1000 rupees. At that stage, I was aware that living in that place is not going to be simple for me. I checked in my location and establish it's a company villa. Then with a family who used to board the exact same villa, I visited Margaon throughout the night time. The nighttime view was specialized compared to day view. Stay tuned for knowing more- i will write next blog after a couple of days.

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