Not a Traveller (Part-2) 

28th Oct 2018
Photo of Not a Traveller (Part-2) by Kartiki Malik

Hi Guys, I'm back again. I assumed that I am going to write my next journal after a few comments and likes however I can not sit up for that long. Thus I am going to begin from wherever I drop my last journal. the primary day in the state was traditional however 2d day was exciting.

Few days had passed on to the great beyond, I believe virtually one month had passed on to the great beyond and that I hadn't visited any places in the state except one beach, I used to be simply doing my work returning to my space and attempting to induce in-tuned with native folks. Local folks in state do not like an outsider. I do not apprehend why they feel terribly insecure with outsiders.

Day 2

On the second day, I had visited Betalbatim Beach. I am a feeder however the smell of seafood was attracting we tend to towards the beach. I do not apprehend that dish they were cooking over there. South Goan Beaches are apprehending as not crowded and peaceful beaches. Betalbatim beach is additionally one amongst them, On the correct hand facet there's a Sunset beach and on the left-hand facet there's a Nanu beach each the beaches are packed with Shacks. If you like seafood then choose Fisherman's Cafe( It's well-liked in Goa). I didn't even enter in water as a result of I had water phobic disorder, thus I had set there for 30-40 minutes and that I came back to my place that was one and [*fr1] kilometre from the beach.

Day 24

I did not just like the food that was provided by my company. someday I even have determined that I am going to go outside for dinner. I used to be alone and that I walked for one and [*fr1] metric linear unit to Nanu Beach Resort. it had been 7:30 pm or 8 pm. I went there and that I saw that one wedding operate was there for that wedding they'd read the entire dinner setup in their open-air restaurant. Lighting within the Garden and all the decoration was pretty smart. I had my dinner and that I have seen the design of the hotel rooms. It had been superb after dinner, I visited Nanu Beach.

I visited the beach and that I saw that the water level has been hyperbolic in night time. I visited a shack referred to as Joel's shack and seek advice from there workers for while regarding native folks, local food, business seasons, rent of the shack and much of things. Then I buy to understand that those folks weren't doing smart business owing to Cyclone.

When I used to be rebuke those folks I was sitting on a Candle lightweight dining table and my feet were in the water. The chair was taking place within the sand when every one or 2 minutes. it had been night nine or 9:30 however I used to be feeling safe as a result of scores of women was there, few were Russian and few were Indian. The state is totally safe for solo woman travellers.

The night view and also the conversation, It had been an unforgettable evening on behalf of me. then once more I walk and went back to my place. once I was on the approach back to home at that point there were some dead frogs on the road who was attempting to cross the road from one facet of the lake to a different facet however the cars crushed them.

Day 30

Like that, I had spent 3 months in Betalbatim and Margao. I get to grasp the native fish market and vegetable market that was in Margao. That was the time wherever I will say that affirmative, I doma know each and every road in Margao town. I left my job and begin exploring an important state. Keep liking and commenting and I am going to tell you what I had done for the next month. keep tuned!