NYC Vlog: 48 Hours in New York - Travel Guide


In Jan 2019 when we landed in New York, it was very cold, very windy and it was our first time in NYC.

As we dragged our luggage in upper Manhattan to our Airbnb in one of the brownstone houses at 125th street, we couldn’t help smiling. Why? Because it all looked so familiar thanks to the many TV shows and Hollywood movies we’ve grown up watching.

Being in New York felt good! But this was not the kind of holiday where we had a planned itinerary. We wanted to just enjoy the vibes in one of the most well-known cities in the world.

So we got ourselves a New York subway card and went where we wanted and did what we felt like doing. When we were too tired to take the train or walk, we booked ourselves a shared ride on Uber.

To know what we did during our 24 Hours in NYC, give our vlog a watch. And do hit subscribe while you’re at it :D

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