Observe Auckland through a Canvas


Auckland is a city with many tricks up its sleeve. If you thought that you can describe the city as a fragrant bouquet of different cultures wrapped around in the best of backdrops that one can possibly find on this planet then think again. There is a lot you don’t know and might not ever know about this enchanting city and will almost be able to see it smirk from the corner of your eye! Cheap flights to Auckland provide you that elusive chance to get a closer look at this city without emptying your pockets.

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The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is a place you might like to begin your journey here. Currently it holds the status of being the principal public gallery of the city. Being the oldest permanent art gallery of the country that goes back to the 18th century, it is one of the most celebrated establishments of its kind in the entire nation. Being home to many national and international artefacts, various high-profile exhibitions are regularly held here in order to showcase the best of this place on an internationally revered platform. Flights to Auckland offer you a quick and comfortable journey all the way to here.

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The art collection includes many precious contributions by national and international artists. The artists that have been extensively represented here belong to Europe, New Zealand, and Pacific among other places. These art samples belong to different eras as well as styles and have reached the impressive count of over 15000 creations today. Colin McCahon, Gottfried Lindauer, Frances Hodgkins, Marti Friedlander and Gretchen Albrecht are few of the many renowned local artists whose works still light up the alleys and walls of this establishment. Tickets to Auckland are what you need to browse right now if you want your fantasy vacation experience to become a pleasant reality this season.

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