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The imposing Kumbhalgarh Fort

Photo of Offbeat India: Rajsamand by Anand Dorairaj

Rajasthan, a state known for its palaces, heritage and architectural grandeur. Tourism campaigns and colorful Instagram moments have still not managed to capture the offbeat locales of this North-western state. One such place is the district of Rajsamand, a quaint little town in south of Rajasthan. As you explore this not-so-known territory of Rajasthan, you would discover a whole new side to this vibrant province, beyond the majestic marvels.

The small hamlet of Rajsamand is situated about 67 Kms from Udaipur. Developed under the patronage of Rana Raj Singh of Mewar, the town of Rajsamand grew as a habitat around an artificial lake, of the same name. Today, shadowed under the pomp and splendor of popular destinations of the rest of the state, Rajsamand has remained to be place for those who want to explore places less travelled. You can get to Rajsamand easily if you rent a car in Jaipur.

Photo of Offbeat India: Rajsamand 1/3 by Anand Dorairaj
The tranquil Rajsamand lake amidst the Aravallis

For travelers who are interested in experiencing the local vibe of the place, here’s top 5 ways you can explore Rajsamand:

Explore the Rajsamand Lake

The highlight of the town and the best tourist attraction of Rajsamand is the humongous Rajsamand or Rajsamudra Lake. Built by Maharana Raj Singh in the 17th century, the lake stretches from 1.75 miles in width, to 4 miles in length and 60 feet in depth. As you walk across the pristine marble embankment, you would notice the nine distinct pavilions, or ‘ghats’, which, in earlier times, were used for bathing, leisure and also religious purposes. As surprising as it may sound, the Rajsamand Lake is said to be one of the clearest lakes in India. Walk down the stone steps to reach the crystal clear water, or sit by the banks to enjoy the crimson hues of the setting sun. The pillars around the pavilions are etched with intricate carvings of birds, chariots, sun and life of Mewar, depicting the stories of the ancient kingdom.

Relive a piece of history at Haldighati

Photo of Offbeat India: Rajsamand 2/3 by Anand Dorairaj
A painting depicting the famous  showdown in the battle of Haldighati

Throwback to your history lessons in school, when you visit the ancient battlegrounds of Haldighati. Known for the famous Battle of Haldighati, fought between the Mughals and Maharana Pratap, this site holds immense historical significance for Mewar and occupies an unforgettable place in the nation’s history. Don’t forget to visit the museum, surrounding the site, which hosts all memorabilia and anecdotes from the past.

Head to the Kumbhalgarh Fort

A massive expanse of fortress atop a hill, the Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the largest fort structures of Rajasthan. Also the birthplace of the great Maharana Paratap, this 14th century old fort has been dedicated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its widespread grandeur and immaculate preservation of Indian history. It’s a must-visit place for any traveler, to experience the opulence and grandeur of ancient Indian architecture.

Photo of Offbeat India: Rajsamand 3/3 by Anand Dorairaj

Take a religious tour at the sacred temples

Like its rajas and maharajas, the land of Rajashtan is known for its places of worship. Few such temples and pilgrimage sites like the Mammadev Temple of Shiva, Parshuram Temple, Vedi Temple, and the Shrinathji Temple deserve mention. Of all, the Kankroli Temple attracts the most attention and visitors with its massive expanse. Also known as the Dwarkadheesh Temple, this religious site is an eponym and a dedication to Lord Krishna. Built along the Rajsamand Lake, the Kankroli temple is equally vast and is a depiction of artistry and piety at the same time.

Discover the wild side of nature at the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Beside the man-made magnificence and stories of royalties, the district of Rajsamand holds quite a bit of natural wonders. Take the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary for example. Located at the foothills of the Aravalli Mountains, this conserved natural area is home to various wild flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you might enjoy some sightings of hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, jackals and nilgais. Take a safari tour to explore the wilderness.

Small but significant, the town of Rajsamand holds wonders within its pockets. Avail a cab service in Jaipur and take off to this offbeat town for a quick getaway and you never know, you might end up discovering something new, something different.

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