On the Road Again: Tips to Survive Your Next Family Road Trip


As much as you love your family, being trapped in your vehicle for hours at a stretch can test the boundaries of even the most close-knit families. Surviving a family road trip with good humor requires patience and the proper know-how to keep your kids from getting restless in the car. If you take time to prepare for your trip, you will be able to keep everyone happy and avoid arguments on the road. Here are some smart tips you should use to survive your next family road trip.

Get Them Something to Watch

If you are ever tempted to get frustrated with your kids’ misbehavior during a family road trip, consider how lucky you are to be a modern parent. With DVD players, smartphones and tablet computers, most parents have enough devices available so that each one of their kids can watch whatever they want while they are in the car. When each child is watching their own program with their headphones in, the blissful silence in the car is a beautiful thing for parents. Don’t let kids watch TV or movies the whole trip. Instead, save viewing time as a tool to use during moments when the kids need to calm down. You can quickly stop a lot of fights in the car by letting kids watch their favorite shows.

Rotate Seat Assignments

A common reason kids get into arguments on road trips is because they want a particular seat in the car. The best way to avoid arguments over this is to set a rotation for seating assignments. When the seats are rotated evenly, each child gets a chance to sit in the best seat in the car. This removes seating arguments from the list of hassles during a road trip.

Get Your Car Ready

One of the most important parts of any road trip is making sure your car is ready to go. Nothing will ruin a road trip faster than being stranded with your family in a broken-down vehicle on the side of the road. You need to take the family chariot into your trusted local mechanic to get a tune-up before you leave. You should also check to make sure your car has adequate insurance coverage for the trip. Make sure that you are adequately covered for every state your road trip takes you through. For example, you would want Texas auto insurance coverage if you were driving through the Lone Star State on your journey.

Have Access to Additional Funding Sources

Unexpected things happen out on the road. Your car could be involved in an accident or get stolen. A member of your family could get sick. Bad weather could strand you somewhere. No matter what happens, you need to be prepared for unexpected occurrences when you are on a road trip. You should make sure you have access to money in a hurry in case you need it for an emergency during the road trip. The best credit repair companies can be useful to ensure you have access to the most credit possible during your trip.

Pack Plenty of Snacks

Hungry kids are cranky kids. If you want to reduce your chances of your kids being difficult during your road trip, make sure they are well-fed at all points. Keep their favorite snacks in the car so you can calm them down when hunger starts to make them act out. You will be amazed at how many arguments between your kids you can instantly squash simply by feeding them.

Road trips are a lot of fun, but you have to have the tools you need to keep your kids from arguing. Make sure to keep the time spent in the car reasonable to keep your kids happy. Stop regularly to let them get out and stretch their legs. If you give them plenty of things to do and make regular stops along the way, your road trip will fly by with your kids in high spirits.

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