24th Aug 2016

We started the journey by travelling to Kluang railway station. Kluang railway station is a Malaysian train station located at and named after the town of Kluang, Kluang District, Johor. You can experience the old school days feeling at Kluang railway station. However, there are fixed timing for the arrival of trains so it's a pity that we didn't manage to catch the sight of the train.

Just right beside the Kluang railway station, situated the well-known Kluang rail coffee. There are a varieties of food that you can filled your stomach with such as Nasi Lemak, Mee siam, Kaya with butter Toast, half boiled egg & etc. It’s a good choice to fix your caffeine there for some authentic coffee or Kopi. I had a sip of my parent's coffee and it has a strong coffee aroma and loving the thickness of the coffee. While for me, I had tried their 3 Layer Tea which is made up of three layers namely the melted palm sugar, evaporated milk and black tea. We had a good experience there!

We had a road tripping to Simpang Renggam. Simpang Renggam is a town in Kluang District, Johor, Malaysia. Simpang Renggam is a village which give me a kampong feeling. We drove through a long stretch of road and we finally saw a sea of Pineapple Plantation!! We did went to a local coffee shop and managed to purchase a pineapple just for RM$2, cheap deals!!! Surprisingly, the pineapples are really sweet!

On our journey back, we came upon a long stretch of Malay Pasar Malam (Night Market) setting up their tents and selling different kinds of food. Malaysia Pasar Malam is totally different from Singapore Pasar Malam. Usually at Malaysian Pasar Malam, there are a mixture of Chinese, Malay and Indian stalls. However, this Pasar Malam that we came upon are just solely Malay stalls.

At the Malaysia Pasar Malam, the Malaysian can shop for their grocery there. Vendors selling Fresh food such as Fish, chicken and beef can be seen at Pasar Malam, isn’t it something interesting? You might doubt if it is still fresh. For this, I’ll leave it for you to judge. However, the vendors also did what usually the market vendor will do which is icing the fresh food to make it as fresh as possible. Besides fresh food, there are also cooked food stalls, fruits stalls & etc. This is a totally different experience of Pasar Malam as compared to Singapore’s Pasar Malam. Stalls that can be found at Singapore Pasar Malam are small eats, phone case stores, florist stores & etc.

You definitely need to gain your personal experience at Malaysian Pasar Malam! You might just love it~

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