Opportunities do knocks twice , self learning about life in travels/trips..!!

19th Jun 2019

I am an Electronics Engineer by profession working in an IT firm following the 9am - 6pm routine. I always look forward for my weekends to spend time with family, my pet and catch up with friends. I used to follow this routine and realised I am not able to spend time for myself, I was not finding 'ME' time which is very essential for me.
I understood that being in such job, always surrounded by people, office politics, society lectures I was always blocked by one or other matters which was blocking my mind to think further. I was in a wrong assumption that this is life and I have to lead it this way, study, get a degree , do a job for 2-3 years, get married, make kids, lead life for kids....
But it's always a opportunity away to  change the entire thinking isn't it??
One such life changing opportunity was an onsite opportunity from office to France which changed my entire idealogy of leading life. As all Indian parents (no offence here) even my parents were reluctant to send me alone(not to forgot me being a GIRL as per indian parents mentality) to a country where there is lot of difference maybe in terms of culture, food, language, lifestyle, thinking, understanding etc. Keeping all this fear of parents in mind i started the journey to Paris alone.
My mindset was to work there as it was official visit, hardwork so no escalations happens, get good name to company & I was never worried about my safety as I am an independent strong headed girl so I could always take care of myself.
I had rented a studio apartment at a far place from office where I had to switch two buses, wake up early in morning, prepare something quick to eat, head to bus stop, reach office on time, greet everyone and work harder, later in evening head back to bus stop and get home prepare something to eat and sleep. This was my schedule in mind for my stay at Paris.
A week paased by i didnt visit any place and the next Monday when I went to office my client asked me where I had visited in weekend and I was like nothing I was at apartment. He was quite surprised and he was like what are you saying, how you just be at home, this is Paris people are always out. His words made me think and I really felt I wasted my weekend and I didn't atleast try to explore any place on my own.
Such words made a drastic change in my mindset and in the very next weekend I started to explore Paris on my own. Language was a barrier but common language English saved me in many places.
I found happiness behind travelling on my own. I visited Eiffel tower which I never thought in my lifetime I would visit. I visited many places in Paris and explored the city to the period I stayed in France. I even made a weekend trip to Barcelona on my own which was unbelievable for myself. These instances made me realise my worth and my  passion for travelling. This was just a start to my passion and later I used to make most use of weekends by heading to small solo trips or plan big trips.
The reason behind me telling this example was not always each one gets opportunity like I had got, until and unless you step out of your comfort zone you never know what life is all about, there is no difference in girl or boy anybody can travel , exploration makes you learn new things, there are lot of things I have learnt through solo travelling - self confidence, self worthiness, how to plan, how to tackl situations life throws, self goals, art of tackling people, culture exploration, brave, a sense of satisfaction many more attributes, mostly importantly you get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your aim in life, positive mindset. Always make use of opportunities that comes your way, not all opportunities knocks twice as in my case.

My first ever solo trip was to Paris & the first place visit was Eiffel tower

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