Overlooking the Ganga, this resort hidden away in the hills of Uttarakhand will make you swoon!


An entire cottage amidst the Himalayas, a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Ganga and room service! Could we ask for a better vacation? All of this is at just a half an hour flight away from Delhi. A stay at this resort in Uttarakhand which goes by the name ‘Atali Ganga’ is what we’re talking about.

This is one of those beautiful cottage-resorts that’s located amidst the Himalayas and has everything you can possible dream of, in an ideal vacation. The entire property is filled with nearly 22 independent cottages which you can stay in and many other amenities such as a swimming pool, a really beautiful café (the white water café), a yoga studio, all of them amidst and overlooking some stunning landscapes.

There’s another good thing about this resort and that is that is not in the middle of the city of Rishikesh. In fact, it is located at about 35 minutes drive from the centre of Rishikesh which makes it completely free of any noise, pollution or the usual hustle and bustle of this temple city. Yet another perk this place has got to offer is that while you are with them, you can have a go at the many activities like the river rafting and mountain biking with their guides.

Ideal for

While the place is ideal for any kind of vacation, group vacations and team offsites are the most popular groups of people who come here, mostly because of all the fun that you can have with a group of people. You can also stay here alone for all the serenity and the peace that the mountains, the Ganges and the greenery have to offer.

All about Atali Ganga

The major drive behind the Atali Ganga resort seems to be to have people take in the beauty of Ganga and the Himalayas in Rishikesh not just as a pilgrimage but as a vacation spot when one can relax and have fun at. The location that’s amidst the forest away from the city with as many as 300 trees spread around the property alone ensures that you get all the serenity that the nature here has to offer.

The cottages are made mainly of stone, reed and steel wire and despite that, they’ve been designed to great beauty and there are many visitors who come here just to take a look at the style of construction. All the cottages, some of them with single bedroom and some with connecting double bedrooms all have a balcony with a great view and they’re all quietly located on the hills unperturbed and beautiful.


The White-water café which is built with some beautiful architecture with outdoor as well as indoor dining has got quite a spread of food that includes Indian, Continental and many other cuisines. The best part is that this café is open all through the day and the night.


The basic rooms cost around Rs16,000 and with additional amenities, it can go up to Rs18,000 and more depending on the season and the type of booking you are making.

Best time to stay at the Atali Ganga

If one of the primary reasons for your visit is river rafting in Ganga, you should go during the months of September through November. For a regular visit to this place, April through June is the best time as the weather isn’t too cold and you can have a good time walking around the mountains and visiting the temples around the place.

What to do here and around here

Apart from all the fun activities you can try out while you are here at the Atali Ganga, you can also pay a visit to Rishikesh where’s there is plenty to see – quite a lot of temples and many other places to see and experience. There are quite a few treks around here as well that you might want to try out.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book a room for yourself at this really great resort! And you can do that here.

Have you been to this resort? Or any other resort this beautiful? Let us know of your experiences here.

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