Packing Checklist for Ladakh and Spiti


The mountains are calling you, but first, you need to pack. Packing for the Himalayas could be a tedious job as it means packing light but full supplies. So, we have come up with a list of all the necessary items that you need to carry, in order to have a trip to Ladakh and Spiti. First things first, when travelling to the Himalayas make sure that all of your items are wrapped in waterproof bags. One never knows when it can rain. Trekkers must carry an additional daypack with rain cover for their day trips. This will allow them to travel light during these trips.

Documents and Cash

Carry all required documents such as a valid photo identity card or tickets. Keep cash in hand because the area doesn’t have many ATMs around. Also, keep a print out of your itinerary and emergency contacts because your phone might just die anywhere.


Ladakh and Spiti are immensely cold places for average Indians. So make sure you take enough clothes to keep yourself warm in the minus degrees and also go for layered clothing as it can get pretty hot during the day.




Woollen Caps

full sleeves t-shirts

Trekking Pants


Carrying raincoats can also be helpful

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Some of the absolute necessities that are required for personal hygiene and skincare are

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Hand Sanitizer


Soap, Dry Shampoo and Moisturizer

Tissues, Towel and Toilet Roll

Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb

Trekking Gear

When in Ladakh and Spiti, one cannot miss out on the opportunity to trek to some of the most picturesque peaks in the region. Trekking requires some other accessories such as

Trekking Poles

Trek pants

Fleece T-shirts and jackets

Trekking shoes

Gaiters and Gumboots for Chaddar trek

Pocket knife



Headlamp or Flashlight


Insect repellent


These don’t fall under a particular category but are necessary for a trip to high altitudes.

Carry a water bottle and little snacks such as nuts, dry fruits and energy bars


Medical kit

A small oxygen cylinder for high altitude


Chargers for all gadgets

So pack your bags and get going to the mountains. Experience a slice of heaven in the Himalayas.

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