Pangarchulla Peak Expedition



Video Courtesy: Aditya Verma

Pangarchulla is a beautiful peak and it is a moderate-difficult trek in Uttarakhand. The experience of trekking in the mountains is just amazing and this video shows it all. It is definately on my next bucket list trek. Trekking in Pangarchulla is a great but it is challenging. You must start preparing for it around 2 months before.

Trekking is always a little dicey. You may or may not climb the peak depending on your health and the climate around you. If you are lucky, you will climb the peak. Pangarchulla is a monster with a challenge for all you adrenaline buffs. I would certainly not recommend for inexperienced trekkers and this is definitely worthy of a third or a fourth trek. You need practice to be at the top of this and to nail this right. This experience of trekking in the mountains is just more than great.

See this video for a beautiful insight into what the Pangarchulla trek is like. 

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