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Well, I am not sure how to describe this trip in particular as I received a whole package of mixed emotions in exchange of fears taken over me for years. After 3months of starting the work life, I had a strong feeling of complimenting myself for being strong enough in rough times and still keeping up with the pressure. So, I decided that I will go on my first solo trip. As I was in Chennai and my dream destination “Pondicherry” was just 3 hours away from there, I geared up myself in the place I was waiting to visit since my 6 standard.

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World of Colors
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After successfully ruining the night due to over excitement, I had caught the bus to Pondicherry and reached the place by 9: 30 and without any further thoughts rushed to the overheard café des arts and had my breakfast and started wandering through the colorful street. After visiting the Aurobindo ashram, I headed towards the paradise beach by taking a boat from the boat house parking, which costs around 350 bucks. The moment I reached the island, which is away from the main area, I can literally hear the lyrics in my head“Para- Para –Paradise”. Finally, after settling down in a beach and letting the breeze calm down the thoughts, I ended my first day by having the finest French cuisines for dinner at Baker Street.

Day 1

Tip: (It’s better to book a two wheeler or take up shared autos to reduce the size of hole in the pocket).

Paradise Beach

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As soon as the clock ticked 6:00 in the morning, I started off to find my hidden gem, which was on my list since , I would thank myself for trying to venture out in old established heritage town, where I captured the essence of the place while finding out another gem, that is “Ananda Ranga Pillai House”- who worked as a and commercial representative during French ruling in the India. It was a 300 year old mansion, which is a perfect blend of French and Chettinad architecture.

Treasure of Heritage Town

Photo of PARADISE by musafir

Havana o na na!

Photo of PARADISE by musafir
Day 2

Around 10:00 AM, I checked out and started towards the last but not the least “Auroville”- the solution for the soul seeking solitude it was a place that made me give up the urge to rush about the little things. It taught me to slow down and live the moment. After a peaceful time spent in this place, I headed back to Chennai cherishing the memories and realizing that life is not a race, today is more valuable than the unknown future.

Solitude @ Auroville

Photo of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India by musafir

The lesson taught by the place is change is inevitae ,but staying true to the roots of growth is essential for setting a role model to the world.

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